The MSOE graduate programs are designed primarily for the working professional looking to advance their career either through sharpening their skill set or through moving up into management and leadership positions.  Therefore, previous and on-going work experience is critical to maximizing learning in the MSOE graduate programs during classroom and group interaction and assignments that are designed to draw on professional experience.  On this page, you will find information, resources and links to help you learn more about MSOE's graduate program offering from the perspective of international students.


MSOE does not offer scholarships at the graduate level.  There are some limited work opportunities available through some of the programs.   

Conditional/Dual Admission

Students who have not met the English proficiency requirements may apply for conditional admission. A student who is conditionally admitted is accepted into an MSOE degree program based on everything except language proficiency requirements and other requirements that may be based on language proficiency. These other requirements must be met before a student is offered full admission.  Conditional admission does not guarantee full admission.  

Students who are very close to the minimum English proficiency requirement may enroll at MSOE in the dual admission program. Dually admitted students take English as a Second Language (ESL) courses, academic preparation courses and graduate courses concurrently until they are granted full admission, at which time they may begin pursing their degree full time. Most students are in dual admission status for one quarter, but dual admission status may be extended longer depending on the student's performance and preparedness for continued academic success.

Useful Links and Resources