Who must complete the ALEKS Mathematics Placement Assessment?

Incoming undergraduate freshmen, international students and transfer students in the following programs:

  • Engineering (all disciplines)
  • Computer science
  • Actuarial science
  • Business
  • Construction management
  • User experience
  • Nursing (The assessment will not be used to determine math placement, but rather used by the school of nursing to evaluate what further academic support could be added)

What if I have AP or transfer credits?

Students who provide AP Calculus scores that are 4 or above and/or transfer credits for a pre-calculus or calculus course prior to April 15 do not have to take a math placement assessment. However, those who are waiting on final AP scores and/or calculus transfer credits still need to take the placement assessment by April 15. AP scores and/or transfer credits will replace the placement assessment requirements if they are received prior to the start of the academic year.

Will you consider ACT/SAT scores?

Students who submit ACT/SAT scores with a math sub score of 30/710 or higher do not need to take the math assessment.

How do I complete the assessment?

Students will receive more information about taking the free ALEKS Mathematics Placement Assessment once they have submitted their enrollment deposit. The assessment is completed online. Technology is in place to record students during the assessment and deter cheating.

The first attempt of the assessment must be completed by May 9th. There is no specific date to take the assessment. It should take 60-90 minutes to complete and the use of a personal calculator is not allowed. ALEKS provides a basic calculator for students to use.

Students can take the assessment up to 5 times if they wish to improve their scores to place in a higher-level math course. A password is required on your fifth and final attempt. Our ALEKS administrator will connect with you on your final attempt. For added support, after you take an assessment ALEKS offers individualized Prep and Learning modules which can lead to higher placement prior to the start of your next assessment attempt. It will be required that you refresh your skills through these learning modules after every assessment attempt. Students who would like to grow in their math ability also can investigate applying for the Carter Academy, MSOE’s premier academic summer bridge program.

Take the MSOE ALEKS Math Placement Assessment

***You will need your MSOE credentials to take the Math Assessment - Username and Password Instructions

How will my placement assessment be proctored?

ALEKS uses Respondus LockDown Browser to monitor you while you are taking your online assessment. Respondus helps with cheating by not allowing you navigate to other windows while you are taking your assessment and monitors your movements. If you are suspected of cheating it will be to the discretion of the ALEKS administrator on how to proceed. 

Download Respondus LockDown Browser

What if I do not complete the assessment?

Students who do not take the placement assessment will be automatically placed into MSOE’s lowest-level math course.

These are the scores that determine the course you will enroll in. The current cutoffs apply to all students who first enroll at MSOE for the 2022-2023 academic year. ***(please note cutoff scores may be subject to change)

ALEKS Placement Score MSOE Course Equivalent
Score: 0-60 MA 125 College Algebra
Score: 61-75 MA 120 Precalculus
Score: 76-100 MA 136 Calculus / MA 129 Business    Calculus


Jennifer Knapkiewicz 
Math instructor, ALEKS administrator