First Floor

The first floor atrium accommodates everything from small group collaborations to large events and a video wall is comprised of sixteen 55-inch screens. Two large garage doors open to the Michael Barber and Jacqueline Herd-Barber Plaza to expand events outside and provide an outdoor study area. Next to the atrium is the 256-seat NVIDIA Auditorium complete with a stage and projector screen, whose display can be extended onto the video wall in the atrium. Additionally, the first floor features interactive learning experiences in the Kimbel A. Nap and Rexnord Corporation Classrooms.

Second Floor

The second floor houses the brains behind the building, the supercomputer. The NVIDIA GPU-accelerated AI supercomputer named Rosie provides undergraduate students with enhanced technology-based learning experiences. Company trainings, meetings, seminars and partnerships with students happen in the PieperPower Corporate Partnership Suite. The Dedicated Computing Data Analytics Laboratory provides laboratory space for students to experiment with data analytics, machine learning and artificial intelligence. On this floor you'll also find the Northwestern Mutual Classroom, a collaborative and interactive learning space for students.

Third Floor

In the LogistiVIEW AR/VR Laboratory, students will design and/or be immersed in augmented and virtual reality environments such as nursing simulations, or “walks” through a building to visualize the mechanical systems they’re designing. The Sanquini Senior Design Laboratory is a team-focused room rounded out with 65-inch 4K monitors, lockers for students to store their design materials and a kitchenette to fuel students during long work sessions. The Northwestern Mutual AI Laboratory has data-rich configurable laboratories that will evolve with the curriculum and allow students to deep dive into advanced technology systems.

In the Cohen Human Machine Interface Laboratories students are able to take a trip to the operating room without leaving campus by working on the Anatomage Table, a fully segmented, real human 3D anatomy system that allows for exploration and learning of human anatomy. The life-sized, touch screen experience is displayed in an operatory bed form to enable students to visualize anatomy exactly as they would on a cadaver.

The Caspian Cyber Security Laboratory allows students to conduct real-world cyber security experiments and test defensive mechanisms in a professional and controlled environment. The room is grounded with special shielding paint and an electromagnetic field to prevent computer viruses that students are working on from spreading to the rest of campus through the wireless network. On this floor students will collaborate in the interactive RGBA AR/VR – Nick Haemel and Robert Fleming Classrooms. 

Fourth Floor

Collaboration is the theme of the fourth floor where more traditional learning takes place in modernized classrooms ranging from 24-36 seats. The floor also includes a freshman laboratory and two team-based rooms designed for collaborative learning of programming and software processes. Students are encouraged to connect to faculty and staff, whose offices are accessible on the fourth floor in the Department Office Suite.