In MSOE's Rethink What’s Possible podcast, our host Tom Crawford, station manager at 91.7FM WMSE, sits down with MSOE students, faculty, staff, alumni and community partners to learn more about their inventions, research, industry trends, projects, experiences and how they’re rethinking what's possible.

Where Can I Listen to the Podcast?

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Season 1

Intro Episode: Welcome to Rethink What's Possible

Learn more about what’s to come in the first season of Rethink What’s Possible.


Episode One: Life After Shark Tank

Alumnus Matt Mundt shares his experience starting his own company, Hug Sleep, and how swimming with the sharks on Shark Tank helped propel his business forward.  


Episode Two: Erasing the Stigma

Industry experts Dr. Carol Sabel, MSOE School of Nursing chairperson, and Sue McKenzie Dicks, vice president of healthy culture at Rogers Behavioral Health, discuss the importance of mental health with recent graduate Jake Egan, who shares his own personal mental health journey.   


Episode Three: Humanizing Machine Learning

Artificial intelligence (AI) is becoming prominent in more and more industries each day, including health care. Listen to Dr. Sheila Ross, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Department chairperson; Dr. John Bukowy, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Department assistant professor; and student Ethan Hindes discuss the advancements of AI, its impact on their research on kidneys with the Medical College of Wisconsin, and how Hindes found his way to computer science.   


Episode Four: Rooted in STEM

Seandra Mitchell, vice president of student affairs and campus inclusion, and Liz Taylor, director of STEM, dive into the importance of diversity in STEM and MSOE’s efforts to offer STEM experiences to shape a more equitable future.