Department: RPC

2023-2024 Academic Year 

Job Description: 

 The Rapid Prototyping Center at MSOE provides value to members of an industrial consortium, through additive manufacturing (3D printing) services, applied research, process development, and educational services.  

Through this unique professional development opportunity, student employees will learn how to operate best-in-class industrial 3D printers, and learn the “how”, “where”, and “why” additive manufacturing can add value to the product development process.  Students will gain professional experience sharing their additive manufacturing expertise with engineers and designers from over 45 companies in our consortium.  

Essential Duties and Responsibilites

  • Work under the direction of RPC staff employees to prioritize consortium member projects within the lab.
  • Demonstrate and maintain proficiency in operation of assigned additive manufacturing equipment.
  • Perform tasks related to production of additive manufactured parts including: quoting, order entry, programming/setup, machine operation, post processing, inspection/quality control, and shipping.
  • Review manufacturability of projects and provide recommendations as necessary to support quality production.  


Luke Ponga

Disclaimer: Student employment is only available to MSOE students. To qualify for student employment during the academic year, you are required to be registered for at least six undergraduate credits or three graduate credits during each term of the academic year.

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