Q: Do I have to work if I have been awarded Federal Work-Study as part of my financial aid package?
A: No. Federal Work-Study is an opportunity for students to work in order to earn money to pay for college expenses, as well as gain valuable employment experience.

Q: Am I guaranteed a job on campus if I have been awarded Federal Work-Study?
A: No. Federal Work-Study is an opportunity to work. It is not a guarantee of on-campus employment.

Q: Are there other jobs available that are not specific to Federal Work-Study?
A: Yes. MSOE students have options, and many of our on-campus jobs do not require students to have been awarded Federal Work-Study. The individual student job postings will indicate if they are Work-Study only positions or not.

Q: Are my earnings deducted from my student account?
A: No. Students receive a semi-monthly MSOE issued payroll check. Students can elect to have their funds directly deposited into a checking and/or savings account.

Q: What forms do I need to complete when I am hired by MSOE?
A: All student employees must complete the Student Employment Contract. In addition, students who have not worked on campus will be required to complete the following  payroll forms: I-9 (Employment Eligibility and Verification), W4 (Federal and state withholdings), and Direct Deposit. Completed forms must be returned to the Human Resources office prior to starting employment with the university.