Key Learning Objectives

  • Gain an understanding for the past, current and future importance of China within the global market
    •  Appreciate the implications of history, politics, and culture to conducting business
  • Identify and appraise distinct global operating strategies
    • Learn market stratification tactics and assess the relationships of the market, product, global operations and marketing strategies
    • Discuss supply chain management
  • Explore specific issues related to managing in Asia
    • Compare and contrast challenges and strategies related to recruiting, developing and retaining employees
    • Explore generational and regional differences, while assessing methods to motivate employees
  • Identify and discuss ethical issues related to managing in Asia
  • Develop professional networks through contacts established through the course
  • Gain leadership experience to promote character, confidence, efficiency and effectiveness in international business

Doing Business with China Partners

Corporate partnerships distinguish this program. This program is made possible through domestic and international leaders that share knowledge, insights and resources.  2019 Partners are pending. Past partners include:

Past partners include:

Clifton-Addison Modine
Cisco Oshkosh Corporation
Beijing Automotive Perkins Coie, LLP
Douglas Dynamics Rockwell Automation
GE/GE Healthcare Texas Instruments