Money Monday is the perfect place for current and prospective MSOE students to begin their scholarship search. Students will find scholarships exclusively for MSOE students as well as scholarships from outside donors and organizations who are looking for the kind of student MSOE has to offer.

Students can be considered for additional scholarships by filling out our General Scholarship Application! One application qualifies students for consideration for a majority of our donor funded scholarships. You can access the newest scholarship report form here!

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For incoming students, we have chosen the following scholarships for the upcoming academic year: Brown Scholarship, Haverstock Scholarship, Diversity Excellence Scholarship, Alpha Wetenkamp Scholarship, Northwestern Mutual Scholarship, Moceri Scholarship, Peter Georgeson Scholarship. We have two more scholarships coming up that are for incoming students.

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Donor Funded Scholarships:

Please fill out and submit the General Scholarship Report Form to be considered for these scholarships. One Application considers you for all available donor funded scholarships for academic year 21-22. We are currently reviewing outstanding donor funded scholarships. Please check back for additional postings.


Please note these scholarships, unless if they are MSOE Donor Funded Scholarships, will need to be applied for separately. Click the links for more information.

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