Anatomy and Physiology is the foundation of Nursing. To support you in achieving your full potential at MSOE, you’re invited to participate in Anatomy and Physiology JumpStart. This is a free* program that will help you develop your skills and gain confidence working on the structured objectives in ALEKS, connect with Anatomy and Physiology faculty and build your MSOE community.

Program Details

  • Approximately 10 hours of asynchronous online activity per week
  • Two virtual meetings with your instructor


    • August 1, 2024 to August 23, 2024

"The JumpStart program for Anatomy and Physiology has helped me succeed in my course here at MSOE. This introductory pathway was very helpful in getting a preview of content that the course contains. This content can be quite difficult if not previously exposed to it, but JumpStart helped alleviate those concerns. I also enjoyed getting to know the professor of the class and was able to get some advice about Anatomy and Physiology before it started in the fall." - Former JumpStart participant


*JumpStart is free for students who complete the program. If a student signs up and does not fully complete the program, the student’s account will be charged $100.