We recognize that sometimes, our prospective students display a strong desire to attend MSOE and have a passion for our engineering programs, but do not meet our traditional admission requirements. While they clearly showed strong academic potential in high school, they may need more preparation to successfully transition from high school into an engineering program at MSOE.  Our Carter Academy may be the solution to achieve that success.

The Carter Academy was founded in 2013 by Dr. Gene ’60 and Mrs. Patricia Carter to deliver an intensive academic college bridge program for students who wish to enroll at MSOE but need further academic preparation. The primary objectives of this program are to: 

  • Prepare students for success in the freshman course sequences
  • Educate and inform students about what it means to be an engineer
  • Build an inclusive and supportive community

The Carter Academy is only available to a limited number of qualifying freshmen and has three main components:

ALEKS Program: June 15 – July 24 (2020)

The Carter Academy experience begins with a six-week online program which is completed while still at home. This six-week, self-paced online tutorial math program:

  • Requires approximately 10 hours of work each week
  • Starts in June and is only accessible online
  • A MSOE math professor and a program staff member will provide support and monitor your progress toward mastering algebra, geometry and pre-calculus
  • MSOE will furnish a laptop if a student doesn't have access to a computer

Summer Residential Program: August 1 – August 27 (2020)

After you’ve successfully completed the ALEKS Program, you’ll begin a four-week on-campus program here at MSOE! The summer residential program is designed to provide incoming students with a taste of college life and academic experience in the classroom with MSOE faculty. Additionally:

  • You’ll move to campus and live in MSOE residence halls with fellow Carter Academy participants, resident assistants and program assistants for four weeks leading up to the fall term
  • You’ll attend classes in math, engineering, writing, and sciences, with organized study time during the evenings and projects
  • On the last day of the summer program, you’ll meet individually with faculty and staff members to review your performance

Continuing Freshman Academics and Support

Two of your summer courses will continue seamlessly into your first-year fall term, helping to transition you into the regular college curriculum.

Academic support doesn't end after completing ALEKS and the Summer Residential programs. During your freshman year, you’ll engage in activities with your Carter Academy peers and instructors. Not only that, but academic skill-building workshops, career development presentations and other activities are offered exclusively to Carter Academy students during their freshman and sophomore years to support ongoing academic success. 

Why Should You Participate?

These are just a few of the reasons why we think participating the Carter Academy may be right for you:

  • There are no fees (tuition or residential) associated with either ALEX or Summer Residential program 
  • You’ll refresh your math, science and writing skills, while getting an introduction to the MSOE curriculum
  • You’ll become familiar with campus and the additional resources available throughout your MSOE career to help foster academic success
  • Your Summer Residential program classes will be limited to approximately 18 students, allowing for more interaction with professors and classmates and build your confidence
  • You’ll make new friends in class and your residence hall, forming friendships that could last through your entire college experience