Students gain confidence in their academic and personal abilities, build a community of support, gain resources, and successfully transition into MSOE through the Carter Academy. Established in 2013, the academy is one-of-a-kind opportunity for students and consists of three components:

Summer Hybrid Math Course (June 24th – Aug. 2nd)

6-Weeks Completed Online / 4-Weeks completed during Summer Bridge Beginning in June, you will take an online 6-week pre-calculus course that will transition to 4-weeks in the classroom during the residential portion of the academy. 

  • Requires approximately 10 hours of work each week
  • Instructed by a MSOE math professor and program staff member will provide support
  • MSOE will furnish a laptop if a student doesn’t have

Summer Bridge (August 3rd – August 29th)

4 Weeks Completed on Campus
The Summer Bridge program is designed to give you experience in the classroom with MSOE faculty, connects you to supportive staff and resources, develop great friendships, and to help you become familiar with the MSOE campus and surrounding community.

  • You’ll move to campus and live in MSOE residence halls with fellow Carter Academy participants, resident assistants and program assistants for four weeks leading up to the fall term
  • You’ll attend classes in engineering, writing, sciences and complete your final 4-weeks of pre-calculus
  • Have fun engaging in MSOE sponsored activities (i.e. game/movie/trivia nights, field days, Milwaukee scavenger hunt) and Milwaukee events (i.e. State Fair, Irish Fest, Mexican Fiesta, Brewer’s games, Jazz in the Park)

Living Learning Community

Freshman and Sophomore Academic Year
From the Summer Bridge program, you will transition into MSOE’s Carter Living Learning Community.  Live affordably on our new state-of-the-art Carter Academy floor! 

  • Attend your math and writing course with your summer professors and fellow Carter peers
  • Have a dedicated success coach as well as faculty and peer mentors
  • You’ll have access to residential tutoring, organized study spaces and support in creating academic success plans
  • Engage in community events and Carter sponsored social activities
  • Gain strong ambition for your engineering career through professional development opportunities and support in finding an internship

Why You Need to Apply?

The Carter Academy is made possible thanks to an endowed gift from Dr. Gene Carter ’60, MSOE Regent Emeritus, and his wife Particia.

  • There are absolutely no fees the Summer Bridge Program (tuition or residential room & board)
  • You’ll be confident in your math ability and ready to conquer MSOE’s engineering calculus track
  • Small classes allow for close interaction with professors and fellow classmates
  • Get to know campus and become familiar with the surrounding area
  • You’ll create a community of support by making friends and developing strong connections with faculty and staff prior to the start of your freshman year
  • Designated scholarships and opportunities for more financial aid
  • Guaranteed placement on our state-of-the-art Carter Scholar Floor in our new Viets Tower during your freshman year
  • A living learning community and first year experience dedicated to the success of Carter Scholars

What Are the Qualifications to Apply?

  • Must be a full-time freshman entering the fall term
  • Minimum high school grade point average of 3.0
  • Highest level of high school math completed is pre-calculus, placed into pre-calculus after MSOE placement exam or willingness to strengthen math over the summer and start Calculus 1 in fall.
  • Participation or experience in at least one of the following areas:
    • Pre-college Programming
    • STEM Programming
    • Leadership in Clubs or Organizations

Carter Academy FAQ

What is the deadline for the Carter Academy Application?

The deadline for the Carter Academy application is April 1st. Acceptance or denial letters will be sent out by April 15th.

What does the summer math hybrid course look like in Carter Academy?

Your first five-weeks of math will be online led by an MSOE math professor. The online component is flexible and self-paced. It typically takes students 6-8 hours per week. However, this is done when you want so no problem if you have a job or need to take that much needed summer vacation. Once you finish the online portion of math you will be on campus for four-weeks of in-person instruction led by an MSOE math professor.

I'm taking AP Calculus in high school can I still apply for the Carter Academy Program?

Yes, if you are taking AP Calculus you can still apply. We are looking for students whose highest level of math is pre-calculus or feel their calculus/AP calculus course did not build their confidence for calculus for engineers.

Besides wanting the extra math support, what are you looking for in a Carter Academy applicant?

We are looking for applicants: - Who are committed to being part of a nine-week summer bridge program and two-year living learning community - Who want to be part of an inclusive and supportive community - Have a STEM or leadership background - Show detail in their application essays

What is the cost of joining the Carter Academy?

There are no additional costs to join the Carter Academy program! All aspects of the program, including the math summer hybrid course, the 4-week in person summer bridge (housing and meals included), and programming during the summer and academic year are completely covered by Carter Academy.

How much is the Carter Academy scholarship?

The Carter Academy scholarship goes directly towards your housing cost. The amount is based off your financial need from the FAFSA. All students will receive a scholarship.

Can I be in athletics and still be a part of the Carter Academy program?

Absolutely! We have several athletes in the Carter Academy program and are flexible as much as we can be during the summer and academic year. If you have specific questions regarding your athletic schedule and the summer components of Carter Academy, please contact Natalie Vang Willis at

Can I still work while being in the Carter Academy program?

Absolutely! However, the hours you work during the different components of the program may need to shift, especially when starting the 4-week summer bridge component and during the academic year.

Where will I live on campus during my time in Carter Academy?

You will live on the 7th and 8th floors of the beautifully renovated Viets Tower. Students typically stay in their same summer bridge room during their first year at MSOE.