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How does MSOE use artificial intelligence? See and hear for yourself how MSOE students, faculty and staff are leading the way with applied AI.

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Get Down to College Business: An Operational To-do List for AI in Academia

Sean Jones, assistant professor of computer science, sits down with Sarah Holtan, Ph.D. to delve into how AI technologies like ChatGPT are redefining the academic landscape, the imperative challenges they pose, and how institutions can adapt to embrace AI while ensuring academic integrity and addressing bias.

Tech in MKE: MSOE A.I. and ChatGPT Discussion

This Tech in MKE episode features Sean Jones and Jeremy Kedziora, computer science professors at MSOE. The two of them sat down to talk about ChatGPT, its ethics and impact.

Tech in MKE: Milwaukee School of Engineering President Dr. John Walz

Milwaukee is gaining a national reputation as a tech hub and Milwaukee School of Engineering is at the heart of it all. President John Walz sat down with Steve Glynn at the “Tech in MKE” podcast to discuss how MSOE is contributing to Milwaukee’s brain gain, attracting and retaining tech talent to power our region.  

Listen to hear how MSOE is doubling down on tech—especially emerging technologies.

MSOE's podcast, Rethink What's Possible

Artificial intelligence (AI) is becoming prominent in more and more industries each day, including health care. Listen to Dr. Sheila Ross, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Department chairperson; Dr. John Bukowy, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Department assistant professor; and student Ethan Hindes discuss the advancements of AI, its impact on their research on kidneys with the Medical College of Wisconsin, and how Hindes found his way to computer science.