AI Corporate Partnerships

MSOE is committed to providing students with unparalleled experiential learning opportunities exemplified through strategic corporate partnerships that bridge the gap between theory and practice. These mutually beneficial relationships support MSOE’s vision to prepare leaders to solve the diverse technical challenges of the 21st century.

In the classroom, faculty members connect with industry partners to provide students with the chance to engage in collaborative projects alongside local experts. These projects allow students to apply the skillsets they learn in class to real-world projects involving AI. Aligning classroom assignments with industry projects ensures students are not only equipped with theoretical knowledge but are also immersed in practical, industry-relevant projects.

Senior Projects

MSOE's Senior Project Showcase represents an important segment of student academic activities conducted during the year. A variety of projects are completed, both for outside organizations and the university.

Data Science Practicum

Work on a team in a professional setting to tackle large-scale data analysis projects using real-world data sets provided by industry, academic researchers, and the government.

Corporate Partnership Center

Ideas come to life in the PieperPower Corporate Partnership Center at MSOE where businesses of all sizes collaborate with our students.