Poster Session

Congratulations to the students and faculty for their applied research in artificial intelligence and machine learning to improve health care. Please be sure to visit the conference poster session in the Diercks Hall Atrium on Thursday, Sept. 22 from 4 to 6 p.m.

  • Alexander Neuwirth (presenter), Benjamin Paulson (presenter) and Sebastian Berisha, “Using Parrafin-Embedded FTIR Spectroscopic Imaging and Deep Learning to Identify Tumor-Relevant Tissue Types in Ovarian Biopsies”  
  • Alexander Ruchti and John Bukowy (presenter), “Prostate MRI and Histology Image Registration Using Deep Learning”  
  • Kathryn Bay, Noah Blue, Adam Graham, Jacqueline Teele (presenter) and Icaro Dos Santos (advisor), “Artificial Intelligence Partial Hand Prosthetic”  
  • Noah Hutchinson, Kara McKenna, Caitlyn Spreitzer and Ahmed Sayed (presenter and advisor), “Deep Learning Classification of Breast Tumors” 
  • Nathan Chapman, Jack Flitcroft (presenter), Stuart Harley, Errin Miller, Kyle Rodrigues and Eric Durant (advisor), “EKG Illness Classifier”  
  • John Peters (presenter), Michelle Riehle and R.J. Nowling (advisor), “mv2: A Multi-Omics Integration and Visualization Tool”  
  • Masud Rabbani (presenter), Anubhav Parida, Rubaba Amyeen and Sheikh Iqbal Ahamed (advisor), “A Novel Approach for Understanding the Human Learning Process and Memorization by Brain Signal Analysis (BRAID HLM)”