Sr Mail Clerk

Donald Collard

Department: Mail and Print Services
(414) 277-7174 Campus Center: CC77

Dr. Mitchell Colton

Department: Physics and Chemistry
(414) 277-2444 Allen Bradley Hall of Science: S253 Faculty Resume
Assistant Professor

Dr. Patrick Comiskey

Department: Mechanical Engineering
(414) 277-2748 Allen Bradley Hall of Science: S265A Faculty Resume
Adjunct Assistant Professor

Dr. Michael Cook

Department: Mechanical Engineering
(414) 277-7375 Allen Bradley Hall of Science: S205B Faculty Resume
Athletic Communications Coordinator

Seth Corrigan

Department: Athletics
(414) 277-2262 Kern Center: K348
Administrative Assistant

Ashley Cotton

Department: Human Resources
(414) 277-7129 Campus Center: CC337
Associate Professor

Dr. Jonathan Cox

Department: Mathematics
(414) 277-7333 Walter Schroeder Library: L323 Faculty Resume
Station Manager

Thomas Crawford

Department: WMSE
(414) 277-7247 Krueger Hall: KH 1
Custodian I

Connor Curcio

Department: Custodial
Senior Financial Aid Counselor

Julie Curtis

Department: Financial Aid
(414) 277-7210 Campus Center: CC301
Director of Sports Medicine

Claudia Curtis

Department: Athletics
(414) 277-2588 Kern Center: K156A
Admissions Counselor - India Recruitment Coord

Peter Dahl

Department: Admissions
(414) 277-4549 Campus Center: CC109
Ast Dir of Institutional Effectiveness/Data Visual

Ian Dahlinghaus

Department: Academics
(414) 277-7192 Campus Center: CC432
Clinical Assistant Professor

Kevin Daley

Department: Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

Timothy Dalton

Department: Facilities
() - Walter Schroeder Library: L113
Senior Lecturer

Dr. Christopher Damm

Department: Mechanical Engineering
(414) 277-7375 Allen Bradley Hall of Science: S205D Faculty Resume
Associate Registrar

Marc Dannecker

Department: Registrar's Office
(414) 277-7218 Campus Center: CC377
Systems Administrator - Deployment

Natnael Dasho

Department: Information Technology
(414) 277-2279 Campus Center: CC307
Adjunct Associate Professor

Dr. Mark Daugherty

Department: Mechanical Engineering
(414) 277-7375 Allen Bradley Hall of Science: S200A Faculty Resume
Ensemble Director

Sara De Almeida

Department: Campus Life