Founded in 2011, Google Arts & Culture strives to connect museumgoers to an infinite library of exhibitions, statues, and other memorable works of art. Digitally preserving that art creates inspirational opportunities for future generations. James Kieselburg, the Grohmann Museum director, said, “The Grohmann Museum is joining the Google Cultural Institute to make the collection more widely accessible to a global audience. There's no substitute for the real thing, but the interactive tools that will be available alongside our collection online will certainly enhance the experience for remote visitors." Take a look for yourself the wonders a simple internet connection can provide.

Digital Exhibitions

Grohmann Museum

Home to the world’s most comprehensive art collection dedicated to the evolution of human work.


A selection of exceptionally beautiful and important paintings from the Man at Work Collection housed at the Grohmann Museum at Milwaukee School of Engineering.

Manufacturing Music

It takes work to create art. An artist may spend months on a single painting; a musician rehearses for hours before an audience hears them play. Every performance requires countless hands who set up the stage, the lights, and build the set.

Sculptures of Workers

Captivating images of miners, steel workers, and more from famous sculptors including Constantin Meunier, Frederic Remington and Max Kalish, among others.

German Art & Artists

Featuring a selection of German paintings from the Grohmann Museum collection with insight on the ‘Heroic School’ of industrial painting.

Carl Spitzweg in Milwaukee

Few artists permeated 19th century German culture like Carl Spitzweg. Some twenty-plus works by Spitzweg have found their way to Milwaukee. This one-of-a-kind exhibition evokes affection, love, humor and other emotions that translate easily to our current age.