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Codi Alger  commented on Mandy Runnalls's status Jamming to Backstreet Boys this morning while getting ready totally reminded ... (3 days ago)  
Chao Chang  posted Have a great weekend everyone and prospective students we will see you tomorr... (2 days ago)  
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Mandy Runnalls  posted Exactly what Elle said!!  Get your money!! :) (2 days ago)  
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Megan Waelti  posted Accepted Student Day is tomorrow!!! Looking forward to seeing you there Accep... (2 days ago)  
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Christoph Opperman  posted It's Accepted Student Day!  Welcome families!  Enjoy your day here! (1 day ago)  
Elle Meinholz  posted See you all bright and early for Accepted Student Day tomorrow! (2 days ago)  
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