Every member of the MSOE campus community deserves to feel supported, valued and included. To achieve this, MSOE is dedicated to ensuring equitable practices are in place throughout campus and students receive the support they need to succeed. With more than 100 student organizations, there’s a place for everyone to find their niche and feel a sense of belonging. Student support services—such as the Raider Center for Academic Success and Wellness Services—provide students with the resources they need to achieve academic and non-academic success.

Diversity Council

MSOE’s Diversity Council is comprised of faculty and staff from across campus that work to ensure diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging are central in all campus initiatives.    

Seandra Mitchell, Student Affairs and Campus Inclusion
Colleen Christiansen, Counseling Services
Jessica Curry, Residence Life
Camille Jenkins, Counseling Services
Kip Kussman, Dean of Students Office
Kristen Landaal, Campus Life
Candela Marini, Humanities, Social Science and Communication

Leah Newman, Mechanical Engineering
Annette Pirrung, Marketing Communications
Luis A Rodriguez, Mechanical Engineering
Jimmy Shabangu, Information Technology
Jenelle Simon, Admissions
Jacob Smith, Financial Aid
Katherine Toske, Multicultural Affairs
Hanna Trees, Athletics

Multicultural Student Organizations

Organizations at MSOE that represent diverse interest groups across campus.

Student Support Services

Get the academic and non-academic support you need to achieve greatness.