Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging

At Milwaukee School of Engineering (MSOE), we strive to engage and critically question the ways in which we can fully embody our commitment to creating an environment of inclusion and belonging. We believe these efforts support an understanding and appreciation for diversity, foster feelings of belonging among our university members, and are paramount to our mission to be an inclusive community of experiential learners driven to solve the complex challenges of today and tomorrow.  

We are committed to cultivating an academic environment marked by an unwavering respect for every individual, a willingness to look beyond our differences to seek meaningful connections with others, and a genuine sensitivity to the variety of our human experiences. We strive to fulfill our goals of recruiting, educating and retaining a diverse community of students, faculty and staff while also supporting diversity in our surrounding communities.  

MSOE recognizes its responsibility to foster a welcoming and inclusive environment where students, faculty and staff of diverse backgrounds can collaboratively work together and serve as thriving, contributing members of our university community. Further, we acknowledge our strength is reflected within our various social identities and recognize the importance of engaging everyone at MSOE in a respectful, responsive and equitable manner while providing opportunities for personal and professional growth.  

We affirm that diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging are central to reaching our continual goals of academic excellence and global engagement. As such, we seek to frame these tenets through the following definitions:  


MSOE strives to embrace diversity and understands this through our responsibility to respect human differences while also actively seeking and building on our commonalities. Within our mission of fostering a vibrant community for all MSOE stakeholders, we understand that diversity makes our institution stronger and we are committed to cultivating a safe environment of respect and inclusion for the entire MSOE community.


Equity at MSOE is our commitment to acknowledge and address current and historic barriers that create disadvantages for various groups. This includes the fair and just treatment of all current and potential MSOE stakeholders through the creation of opportunities leading to equitable outcomes that assist in closing representation and participation gaps within our university.  


Inclusion at MSOE means breaking down barriers to create opportunities for authentic engagement and experiences with diverse people, beliefs and ideas. This includes deliberate, strategic actions and practices which support feelings of belonging for all university members.


At MSOE, we strive to cultivate a campus community in which all members feel comfortable being their authentic selves, safe to share their honest opinions, and appreciated for their unique interests, values and beliefs to foster acceptance and promote understanding within and around our university.  

MSOE embraces the challenges facing us as we engage in the work necessary to support both individual and organizational growth. We are committed to creating a sustainable transformation through full transparency and accountability of our individual and collective actions. This includes an ongoing, critical examination, implementation and evaluation of strategies that advance diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging across our entire university.  

Looking ahead, as we work toward our vision of preparing leaders to solve the diverse technical challenges of the 21st century, we welcome and accept our responsibility to continually advance in this critical area and strive to provide an inclusive academic environment, promote equity and access in recruitment and retention, and develop meaningful outreach programs and partnerships with our local community.