Throughout the year, MSOE holds a variety of multicultural events that celebrate cultures from around the globe. These events and celebrations help us learn about new cultures, share new experiences and gain a better understanding of the diverse backgrounds that make up our campus community.

Regular Events

Each term, there are a handful of multicultural events that the MSOE community has come to enjoy.  

Culture Uncovered is a monthly dive into the diverse cultures that make up the fabric of the MSOE community. Each month, international students are interviewed by WMSE to explore their culture through music. Students also host a Q&A with food and trivia to share their culture.

Tuesday Tea invites the MSOE community to take a break, connect with others, and learn about tea/coffee culture from around the world. Tuesday tea occurs in the Multicultural Lounge on even Tuesdays in the term.

La Mesa de Español is a weekly gathering of students to practice their Spanish in an informal setting. Spanish games and snacks are enjoyed.

Heritage and History Month Celebrations

MSOE celebrates heritage and history months with a diverse array of events and activities aimed at honoring and educating students about different cultures and historical milestones. From guest speakers and workshops to cultural performances and themed meals, MSOE embraces the opportunity to foster understanding and appreciation for the rich tapestry of backgrounds within our community. 


MSOE offers a variety of multicultural events that students, staff, faculty, and the community look forward to each year. Some of them are: 

  • The Multicultural Meetup
  • The Student Diversity Retreat
  • MSOE's Winter Market
  • Lunar New Year
  • Ramadan Iftar
  • Multicultural Graduation Celebrations

Visit the Event Calendar to see the upcoming multicultural events.