Strategic Goals & Actions


a.   Create assessment criteria and metrics for advancing diversity, equity and inclusion within the faculty evaluation/advancement process.  

b.   Recognize faculty integration of diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging principles into scholarship/classroom instruction. (e.g., grants, annual recognitions)  

c.   Provide DEIB-focused development for full-time and part-time MSOE faculty.  

d.   Develop a “DEIB Toolkit” for faculty to use in the classroom.

e.   Conduct a periodic audit to ensure that academic policies and procedures are equitable and inclusive.

f.     Provide professional development and support for faculty to integrate the common learning outcome, “Embracing Diversity.”  Implementation will focus on project-based learning and other high-impact practices in courses and curricula.


a.   Create a 3-year strategic diversity plan representing ALL administrative and academic units.  

b.   Establish process and guidelines for annual reporting progress on strategic DEIB action goals to the President’s Office and VP Seandra Mitchell.

c.   Assess and address policies and practices that create barriers to retention of students from underrepresented communities.  

d.   Assess and address policies and practices that create barriers to retention of employees from underrepresented communities.   

e.   Periodically review all handbooks, marketing materials, websites, and digital communications to ensure that they include inclusive and equitable language.  

f.     Examine current policies surrounding family leave to support the needs of faculty and staff.

g.   Examine current policies surrounding cultural and religious observances to support the needs of faculty, staff and students.  

h.   Develop and adopt university-wide definitions for key inclusive excellence terms.  

i.     Examine existing assessment criteria for advancing diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging.  

j.     Provide DEIB-focused professional development for MSOE staff, managers and administrators.

k.   Implement a speaker series focused on topics of diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging.  

l.     Create a framework for a bias-incident reporting system to react in a timely manner to bias-related concerns.  

m. Identify and train members of the Bias Response Team.

n.   Create and offer DEIB training for all student organization leaders, STEM ambassadors, student community leaders, SAC.

o.   Examine the implementation of MLK Day as a day of service for faculty, staff and students.

p.   Increase university recognition for faculty, staff and students who actively advance core values at MSOE.  

q.   Create an external DEIB advisory board.


a.   Develop and adopt innovative best practices to improve recruitment of undergraduate and graduate students from underrepresented communities.

b.   Increase the amount of scholarships awarded annually.

c.   Expand facilities for women’s athletic programs.

d.   Pursue additional opportunities for supporting underrepresented and underserved student populations. (e.g., career placement, internships, awards)


a.   Develop and adopt strategies for increasing the diversity of candidate applicant pools. Examine challenges to diversification within the hiring process. Seek best practices.  

b.   Require DEIB-related training for all involved in the hiring process; specifically those impacting final decisions.  

c.   Identify and foster recruiting partnerships with doctoral granting institutions serving underrepresented and underserved communities to develop faculty hiring pipelines.  

d.   Create and implement a system for capturing and analyzing faculty and staff exit interviews.


a.   Administer a bi-annual DEIB climate survey.

b.   Add questions to our current Qualtrics student-athlete survey to get DEIB-related feedback.

c.   Implement a regular review schedule of website, marketing materials, photos on campus, and other marketing materials to ensure equitable representations of underrepresented employees, students and student groups.   

d.   Begin the Jimmy Banks Scholars program which partners with MPS schools to tutor and mentor students using our student-athletes in different classrooms and schools throughout the MPS system.  

e.   Expand partnership opportunities with industries that establish joint efforts to improve diversity and inclusion of students on campus through targeted support for student organizations and through STEM outreach programs in the community.  

f.     Continue to recruit a diversified group of members for the MSOE Alumni Association.

g.   Create a DEIB Ambassador Program for faculty, staff, and students.

h.   Explore the value of affinity groups for faculty and staff.  

i.     Begin developing alumni affinity and networking programs to support recruitment, student success, and early career mentoring for underrepresented student populations.