The Global Humanitarian Fund (GHF) was established through a private gift from alumnus Dr. Bernie Cohen ‘71 to support domestic and international travel initiatives. MSOE students, staff and faculty are invited to apply for this funding. Each quarter, applications are reviewed by the Global Humanitarian Committee for consideration. Once a recipient is chosen the committee awards the funding. These funds are awarded in February, April and October each year. All students who apply must have a faculty member/club advisor as the primary contact for the application. 

Fund qualifications:

  • Is this part of a MSOE student org trip?
  • Do you have another source of funding/grant?
  • Do you have a faculty member or club advisor as a primary contact for your application?
  • Do you need scholarship fund awards by a specific date? If so, include in the application.

If you answered yes to any of these questions, please fill out an application below. Please note that by accepting funding from the Global Humanitarian Fund, you are required to meet the pre, during and post trip requirements determined by the GHF committee. These documents will be sent to you once you complete the application form.

If you have questions about the application or any requirements please email Audrey Kanthack, associate director of donor relations, at or (414) 277-7148.

Submit Your Application Here