In 2004, MSOE established the Office of Servant-Leadership at MSOE, thanks to a major gift from the Suzanne and Richard Pieper Family Foundation. The Pieper Family Endowed Chair for Servant-Leadership works collaboratively with the CREATE Institute to integrate the servant-leadership philosophy throughout the social fabric and culture of the university.

Servant-leadership is a critical component of the MSOE Mindset. Servant-leadership starts with a strong dedication to serve and support others. With this mindset, one begins to see the complexity in decision making by considering the impact one’s actions have on others, including those who are indirectly affected. They also begin to realize the importance of how we interface with those around us, appreciating the nuances of interpersonal relations that could otherwise go unnoticed. A servant-leader understands how to ask the right questions instead of simply telling. They strive to empower those they interact with. They are eager to learn. Through practice, they eventually develop the calm confidence to approach difficult, complicated and uncertain situations while always considering the impact on those who are least privileged.

Meet Michael Sevier, Pieper Family Endowed Chair of Servant-Leadership

As the current Chair of Servant-Leadership at MSOE, Michael works to facilitate the servant-leadership mindset throughout MSOE both in the curriculum and within student organizations. Please do not hesitate to reach out to Michael with any questions or ideas you may have related to servant-leadership.

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