Project-based experiential learning is at the heart of the CREATE Institute, and how students will develop the skillset and mindset they need to solve the complex challenges of today and tomorrow. It is a resource for industry engagement and academic excellence. The institute is focused on developing high-impact educational experiences for MSOE students and faculty that have a community impact. It also serves as the institutional hub for faculty development; professional learning workshops for faculty, an MSOE Mindset Speaker Series and student activities; and supports the integration of high-impact practices and project-based experiential learning.

The CREATE Institute supports development of the MSOE Mindset in undergraduates which aligns directly with diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging efforts. Components of being a Leader of Character, a Responsible Professional, a Passionate Learner, and a Value Creator is learning about people from diverse backgrounds, being aware of one's own intersectional identity, being able to create a sense of belonging with others and examining one's actions through a diversity, equity and inclusion lens.

There’s a new space on campus for students to collaborate, connect and bring ideas to life. The Cove is an extension of the CREATE Institute located on the ground floor of Viets Tower. The Cove supports the development of the MSOE Mindset for students in all academic programs on campus. The Cove exists to provide students with the opportunity to explore, invent, and prototype innovative engineering designs through open lab hours on a weekly basis as well as workshops, guest speakers and networking events monthly. The Cove Nelson Prototype Lab will support faculty, student, and community programming that provides opportunities to explore the MSOE Mindset.


Learn alongside industry partners by working on real-world projects that meet the needs of our community partners and boost your professional portfolio.


Access resources and programming that will help you develop high-impact educational experiences for your students and bring real-world projects into your classroom.

Community Organizations

Partner with MSOE and share your needs to provide our students with the opportunity to use the skills they are learning in the classroom to meet the needs of the community.


Develop your own leadership and management skills while mentoring our students as they work to solve real-world problems in the community and around them.


Funding for the CREATE (Community-focused Real-world Engagement in Academics Through Experiential-learning) Institute comes from The Kern Family Foundation and MSOE endowment funds.



Project Coordinator

Michelle Gross

Department: CREATE Institute
Associate VP of Academic Excellence

Dr. DeAnna Leitzke

Department: CREATE Institute
Academic Assessment Researcher

Dr. Joshua Mitchell

Department: CREATE Institute
(414) 277-2348 Campus Center: CC02F
Assistant Director of Innovation

Fabiola Ramirez Montoya

Department: CREATE Institute
(414) 277-2292 Herman VietsTower: G145
Communication and Event Coordinator

Carrie Seidl

Department: CREATE Institute
(414) 277-7491 Campus Center: CC02A
Associate Director of Experiential Learning

Natalie Villegas

Department: CREATE Institute
(414) 277-7419 Campus Center: CC02D
Assistant Director of Faculty Development

Dr. Kris Windorski

Department: CREATE Institute
(414) 277-7205 Campus Center: CC02C
Program Coordinator

Gina Zarcone

Department: CREATE Institute
(414) 277-2275 Campus Center: CC07

Dr. Kimberly Baker

Create scholar

Dr. Kimberly Baker

(414) 277-2335 - Grohmann Museum: GM304 -


Dr. Michael Sevier

chair for servant-leadership

Michael Sevier

(414) 277-2472 - Allen Bradley Hall of Science: S265B -

2019-20 CREATE Faculty Fellows

Jeff Blessing
Joshua Carl
Victoria Carlson-Oehlers
Mark Daugherty
Bill Farrow
Kseniya Fuhrman
Anne-Marie Nickel
Leah Newman
Tammy Rice-Bailey
Icaro dos Santos
Jera Sullivan
Gene Wright

2019-20 CREATE Student Fellows

Brianna Berillo
Jonathan Cobb
Dakota Cole
Rachel Hunter
Alaina Jante
Jesse Lambrecht
Isabel Maier
Veronica Mangio
Caleb Nolen
Jocelyn Riemann
Egor Shalamov
Anne-Marie Warren


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