The CREATE Institute is an institutional academic unit on campus that supports experiential learning. Upon opening in 2018, the center strives to create transformative student learning experiences that connect academic, societal and industry needs. Our goal is to ensure that all students use real-world projects in their field of study during their academic career at MSOE to become a leader of character, responsible professional, passionate learner and value creator.

As learning facilitators, the CREATE Institute’s Hub for Experiential Learning is available to help faculty find the best path forward with experiential learning opportunities that benefit all stakeholders (faculty, students, industry/community partners and mentors). We do this by providing faculty, staff and students with research-based best practices in experiential learning and other high-impact practices.

We bring experiential learning opportunities to students:

  • Through Cove programming
  • By supporting student organizations interested in community service projects
  • With our CREATE Student Fellows and Scholars leadership development programs

Students can stop by the CREATE Institute in CC-07 or the Cove in Viets Tower to learn about ways to get involved with project-based experiential learning in their courses and co-curricular activities.

We support faculty interested in experiential learning:

  • Through faculty development programming
  • By procuring, vetting and supporting project-based experiential learning opportunities from inception to completion
  • By managing EduSourced, a tool designed to make it easy to facilitate project-based experiential learning

Are you interested in bringing a real-world project into one of your courses? Andrea Ventola, assistant director of experiential learning, is available to help you find a project, support facilitation of the project, or simply walk you through the process. She also is available to introduce you to EduSourced.

We partner with non-profits, K-12 schools, and corporations:

  • To serve the community with real-world projects that allow our students to apply their learning
  • By inviting industry mentors to work directly with our students

External and internal partners are welcome to submit projects requests to MSOE through the following portal. If you are interested in serving as an industry mentor, please connect with Andrea Ventola, assistant director of experiential learning.

The Cove @ The CREATE Institute

The Cove is an extension of the CREATE Institute and provides students, faculty, staff and alumni with the opportunity to explore their curiosities.