Studying in Lübeck 

  • All courses are taught in English, but instruction in conversational German is given.
  • All course work transfers to the MSOE program and participation does not delay a student’s progress towards graduation.
  • The Lübeck school year is portioned into two semesters, with a five-week break between semesters, providing an excellent opportunity for travel throughout Europe. Europe’s sleek, high-speed trains make travel between major cultural attractions affordable and fast.

Year-Long Student Exchange Programs

Students in the Electrical Engineering and Mechanical Engineering programs or students in the Rader School of Business have the opportunity to study in Germany during their junior year. Students study at Lübeck from September through June. Upon graduation, participating students who meet all requirements will receive a degree from MSOE and the Lübeck University of Applied Sciences, as well. 


The classes you’ll take are very similar to those at MSOE, with the added cultural benefit of a class about German language and culture each semester. You’ll be in classes with German students for 30 hours per week. Many of them are future exchange students who plan to study at MSOE the following year as seniors, allowing for great camaraderie and lifelong friendships. You’ll also participate in organized cultural programs and tours of industrial companies throughout the year.

Program Manager: Dr. Jennifer Bonniwell


All mechanical engineering classes in Germany have been developed to provide seamless credit toward bachelor’s degree progress at MSOE. In addition, a German designed course in Systematic Engineering Design and two opportunities for cultural immersion courses are offered. Many of the German students attending the mechanical engineering courses are those who plan to attend MSOE the following year. Upon completion of your junior year in Germany and your senior year at MSOE, you will receive both the BSME degree from MSOE and the Diplom-Ingenieur from Lübeck University of Applied Sciences.

Program Manager: Dr. Nebojsa Sebastijanovic


Gain a competitive advantage as well as a global perspective, work experience abroad, some foreign language fluency and an understanding of challenges that go beyond doing business in only one market. The programs provide a strong foundation in business and management, and the availability of a large number of elective courses for professional development.

Program Manager: Dr. Katrina Moskalik

Single Semester Student Exchange Programs

In addition to the full academic year experience that results in dual degrees, the Biomedical Engineering and Civil and Architectural Engineering and Construction Management programs offer single semester study abroad opportunities with the Lübeck University of Applied Sciences. MSOE students study in Lübeck from February through June, taking courses that transfer for required courses in their respective MSOE curriculum.


Students take a combination of technical courses, which are taught in English, as well as options to take a German language and humanities courses. They study alongside German students, some of whom participated in the exchange program by studying at MSOE in the preceding fall term. Students work closely with faculty, many of whom have close ties with industry partners from the vibrant medical device industry in Lübeck and nearby Hamburg. Like the MSOE biomedical engineering program, the Lübeck counterpart is a tight-knit diverse community of faculty and students, which offers visiting students an opportunity to experience the culture of Germany and form lifelong relationships.

Program Manager: Dr. Jeff LaMack


More details coming soon!

Program Manager: Dr. William Gonwa

Additional Details 

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