MSOE is proud to be a University partner of Project Lead the Way (PLTW). Nearly 50% of our incoming freshman class annually is comprised of PLTW students and annually we host training for over 500 K-12 educators on our campus. MSOE offers scholarships, undergraduate credit, and an annual capstone competition for PLTW students and educators.

Destination MSOE Scholarship

Incoming freshmen and transfer students who have participated in Project Lead the Way (PLTW) high school courses are eligible to receive a tuition-based scholarship, renewable for up to six years (18 full-time semesters). For more information, students should visit our scholarships and grants webpage

MSOE Explore Summit for PLTW Students

The MSOE Explore Summit for PLTW Students is an opportunity for students to spend the week rotating through half-day programs to learn about each of MSOE’s engineering majors and determine which one interests them the most. Two majors will be introduced each day through hands-on curriculum. Majors include architectural, biomedical, biomolecular, civil, computer, electrical, mechanical and software engineering. The week will also feature key PLTW sponsors and MSOE corporate partners.

This is a residential program and is free to PLTW students who are nominated by their PLTW teacher. To learn more, visit the program page and contact your PLTW teacher.

Collegiate Credit for PLTW Students

Credit Policy Update Effective July 31st, 2023
Due to changes in our accreditation, MSOE will no longer be able to offer collegiate credits. Applications that arrive on campus by July 31st, 2023 will continue to be processed under our current credit acceptance and applicant guidelines.

Credit Acceptance

MSOE cannot guarantee that transfer credits will be accepted at the academic institution of your choice. Please contact your academic institution of choice prior to applying for credits to verify that credits will transfer or to see how they would transfer into your program of choice.

For students attending MSOE, you can contact to see how PLTW credits would apply to your academic program.

Core Training and Educator Resources

MSOE has previously served as a host site for Milwaukee’s Core Training Institute for PLTW educators. We do not manage registration, payment, lodging, or communications for this training. All Core Training inquiries should be directed to the National Project Lead the Way Solution Center.

If you have questions about curriculum, bringing PLTW to your school, course supplies, or any other PLTW questions, please contact the Project Lead the Way Solution Center.