MSOE is committed to keeping the campus community informed during emergencies and situations that might disrupt normal operations. MSOE Public Safety works with other university partners to ensure that the right people are notified at the right time in times of emergencies, disasters and crises. 

Rave Emergency Alerts

In the event of an active threat to the MSOE campus, a Rave Emergency Alert will be issued to provide timely information to users by phone, email, text message and/or a push notification through the Rave Guardian app. Visit the Rave Emergency Alert registration page to ensure you receive emergency notifications. The system also will be used occasionally for weather-related incidents or campus utility issues (power outages, etc.).
Rave Emergency Alerts are automatically sent to your MSOE email address. You may also opt in to receive a text message to your mobile phone number, emails to your personal email account, and/or voice messages to your landline.  

Situation Updates

Emergency situations are continually changing. Depending on the severity of the situation, additional Rave Emergency Alerts will be sent as needed, or emails will be sent to provide updates. Non-critical updates will be posted at the top of this page if the situation is ongoing. If an emergency occurs that may delay operations or close the university, all students, faculty and staff will be notified via email to their MSOE email address.