The university will remain open, and classes held unless there is clear and substantiated evidence
to warrant otherwise. Determination of such conditions will be made through information
gathered by the Director of Public Safety.

Be advised that “snow days,” during which MSOE classes are canceled, are very rare. If severe
weather or another event leads to the cancellation of classes, the decision to close the university
will be communicated by 5:45 a.m. If severe weather conditions develop throughout the day, a
decision to close the university will be communicated by 3 p.m. for classes beginning at 5 p.m. or
later. When a campus closure is announced, in-person classes are canceled. Online classes are not
affected by a campus closure and will continue as scheduled.

If weather and travel conditions are likely to quickly improve in the morning, MSOE may initiate a
“late start,” which means offices will open and in-person classes will start at 10 a.m. Online classes
are not affected by a late start and will continue as scheduled.

MSOE administration and the Public Safety Department reserve the right to close the university at
any time should a situation arise that warrants a campus closure other than severe weather
(utility emergency, public safety emergency, etc.).

In the event of a campus closure, essential services employees are still expected to report to work
at their regularly scheduled time. MSOE vice presidents determine those employees in their
respective areas who are essential.

When severe weather develops, the Director of Public Safety will monitor the weather, travel
and safety conditions from the following sources:
• National Weather Service
• Milwaukee County Sheriff’s Office
• Milwaukee County Transit System
• MSOE Public Safety and Facilities Departments

Additionally, the Director of Public Safety will take note of neighboring universities and if
they are closing their campuses.

This information will be presented to the president (or his/her designee) who will then make
a decision regarding a campus closure.

The decision to close campus will be announced in the following ways:

1. Via the Rave Mobile Safety Alert system (Current students, faculty and staff receive these
notices. Learn more… )
2. Broadcast on Milwaukee area television stations during their “school closings
announcements” including WTMJ-TV4, WITI-TV6, WISN-TV12, WDJT-TV58, and most
Milwaukee-area radio stations including campus station WMSE-FM 91.7
3. A notice posted on the MSOE home page
4. A notice posted on MSOE’s official social media accounts: Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.