Useful information to know before reserving a room

  • All room, AV, and custodial requests must be made using 25Live, MSOE's official event reservation system.
  • All requests are subject to approval. Please do not assume you have reserved the room because you submitted a request. Please do not advertise or promote an event with a specific location without receiving a confirmation email from the approver. 
  • There are rooms on campus that students can't request for various reasons. You may use this Suggested Rooms for Student Use list to assist you in identifying potential rooms to reserve in 25Live. 
  • Requests need to be made five or more days prior to the event.
  • If your request is submitted fewer than five days in advance of your event date, you may use the Room Approver list to inquire about potential availability. Note: The Room Approver list is currently being updated and will be posted before the fall term begins. 
  • Below you will find some additional helpful information regarding room policies and procedures.