If your test is being proctored remotely, do not complete this form - please contact your faculty directly to request your extended time accommodation on remote tests.

Exams must be scheduled a MINIMUM of 24 hours prior to exam start time.

You will receive a confirmation email for all testing appointments that contains a copy of the information you submitted. Please check to make sure it is accurate. If you have any questions, please contact the testing center at 414-277-7264 or email at testingcenter@msoe.edu.

Things to Know:

The primary responsibility of the Testing Center is to assist MSOE with meeting legally required needs of students with disabilities. Requests for any other students who are unable to take classroom tests on the scheduled dates, will be granted as space allows. The Testing Center is located on the second floor of the Kern Center, Suite K-250. Please report to Room K-251 for scheduled tests.

NOTE: If you must start your exam early to receive your extended time accommodation, please enter the start time you are requesting in the Schedule Conflicts and Additional Information box below. If you are scheduling a make-up test, please state it in that box and enter the date/time you are hoping to schedule it. Please note that make-up tests or any exams on alternate dates must be approved by your professor prior to submitting this form and can only be scheduled in the Testing Center as space allows.

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