Given the state of COVID prevalence in our area, Health Services is not able to see students with upper respiratory symptoms or students who are requesting COVID testing. Students will be directed to off-campus community resources, with links listed below.


In the event of an EMERGENCY or if you need IMMEDIATE MEDICAL CARE, please contact Public Safety at extension 7159 (414-277-7159) for on-campus emergencies or 9-1-1 for off-campus emergencies.

Services Available

MSOE Health Services is prepared to serve our students in any way in which we are capable of doing so.  MSOE will continue to provide ongoing support services to meet student’s health needs. Students are encouraged to contact Health Services using the Wellness Center Request Form | MSOE to request an appointment before going off campus for medical assistance, unless it is an emergency. Appointments can be made with a nurse practitioner during business hours. Services are offered at no cost to students, and often times, common health issues can be addressed.

  • Assessment, diagnosis, and treatment of acute, common illness and injury by a certified nurse practitioner
  • Medication prescribed, if deemed necessary
  • Basic wound care
  • Contraceptive counseling
  • Mental health review with treatment option discussion
  • Disease prevention and health promotion education
  • Health and wellness coaching
  • Referral to specialists as needed
  • Information and resources for local health and medical providers
  • Information and support regarding securing health insurance
  • Maintenance and monitoring of student health records
  • Health and wellness follow-up
  • Cooperation with student's primary care provider for continuity of medical care  


Health Services is located in suite 250, on the second floor of the Kern Center, 1245 North Broadway. Students are encouraged to schedule appointments using the Wellness Center Request Form | MSOE.

Health Form and Immunization Information


Your student health records, including visits to Health Services regarding your physical or mental health, are confidential. No protected health information is released outside of MSOE without your permission.

Student Health Insurance Resources