In the event of an EMERGENCY or if you need IMMEDIATE MEDICAL CARE, please contact Public Safety at ext: 7159 (414-277-7159) or call 911.


Visit the Wellness Center on the second floor of the Kern Center, 1245 North Broadway, Suite K-254.
Hours of Operation are: Monday- Friday from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Break weeks and summer hours may vary. Call (414) 277-7540 or stop by for help in locating a medical provider.

Services Available

  • Referrals to local medical providers
  • Maintenance and monitoring of student health records
  • Health and wellness follow up

Local Health Care Providers

For information, regarding professional practitioners and health care facilities located near the university for continuing ongoing medical treatments, please contact The Wellness Center. Our staff can provide information and referrals to the appropriate local specialists, physicians or hospitals. The patient will assume charges for such care off campus.


Your student health records, including visits to the Wellness Center regarding your physical or mental health, are confidential. No protected health information is released outside of the Wellness Center without your permission.