Admissions Counselor

Katelyn Bailey

Department: Admissions
(414) 277-4544 Campus Center: CC109
FIRST Programs Coordinator

Andrew Baisch

Department: STEM
(414) 277-7251 STEM Center: ST211
Fluid Power Test Engineer

Kathryn Baisley

Department: Fluid Power Institute
(414) 277-2285 Allen Bradley Hall of Science: SG64

Dr. Kimberly Baker

Department: Humanities, Social Science, and Communication
Chemistry Specialist

Thomas Baker

Department: Raider Center for Academic Success

Gary Balcerzak

Department: Rader School of Business

Ray Balisnomo

Department: Rader School of Business
University Services Officer

Anna Balistrieri

Department: Public Safety
(414) 277-7169 Margaret Loock Residence Hall: PSFTY
Assistant Professor

Dr. Jessica Barkimer

Department: School of Nursing
Administrative Assistant

Dominique Barnes

Department: Admissions
(414) 277-4518 Campus Center: CC109
Student Accounts Representative

Diane Barnes

Department: Student Accounts
(414) 277-2772 Campus Center: CC301
Communications Officer

Britny Barnes

Department: Public Safety
Professor, Vice Chairperson

Dr. Cynthia Barnicki

Department: Mechanical Engineering
(414) 277-7461 Allen Bradley Hall of Science: S112D Faculty Resume
Department Chair, Associate Professor

Dr. Ruth Barratt

Department: Rader School of Business
Admissions Counselor - Bilingual

Alejandro Barroso, JR

Department: Admissions
(414) 277-2391 Campus Center: CC109

Thomas Barsokine

Department: Facilities
(414) 277-7165 Allen Bradley Hall of Science: SG55
Athletic Trainer

Anna Barth

Department: Athletics
(414) 277-2532 Kern Center: K156C
Executive VP of Academics

Dr. Eric Baumgartner

Department: Academics
Graphic Designer

Tyler Beaver

Department: Marketing Communications
(414) 277-7145 Campus Center: CC153
Custodian I

Joseph Beaver

Department: Custodial