Finance is the language of business. The Bachelor of Business Administration – Finance at MSOE allows students to become fluent in the language of business by focusing on learning how individuals and business organizations raise capital, and how those resources are allocated among competing investment opportunities to create value. Through the finance program, students gain an understanding of financial theory and practice, how to analyze financial statements while evaluating the health of a firm, to apply financial modeling skills for the valuation of the firm, securities and other financial vehicles, portfolio management strategies, to evaluate portfolio performance, and effective communication skills and teamwork. Finance is a broad field that prepares students for positions in corporations, investment firms, government, banks and entrepreneurship. Finance careers include positions in corporate finance, security analysis, investment management, retail, commercial banking, retail investment brokerage, financial advising and many more. With a business degree in finance from MSOE, graduates understand all aspects of business and begin contributing to industry immediately upon graduation.

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You may want to consider BBA in Finance if you...

  • Enjoy analyzing numbers
  • Like utilizing problem-solving skills to develop creative solutions
  • Have an inquisitive brain that questions why things are the way they are

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