Students who are accepted to MSOE earn an academic merit scholarship as well as other scholarship opportunities based on their co-curricular participation. To receive a full and comprehensive financial aid offer that includes state, federal, and institutional need based aid, students must apply for the Free Application for Federal Student Aid yearly.

Students not wishing to file the FAFSA must contact the Financial Aid Office and notify us yearly.

Step 1: Create an Account on (FSA ID)

In order to log in and sign the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), both the student and one parent need to create an FSA ID from the U.S. Department of Education (ED).  In order to create an FSA ID, please visit Students will use their FSA ID to access the student aid dashboard, apply for FAFSA, and view loan history.

Step 2: Complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) *Note changes for the 2024-25 FAFSA*

  • You can file the FAFSA online at or through the My Student Aid Mobile Application. When filing, you will need to list MSOE’s school code, which is 003868. You can start filing the FAFSA beginning in October for the next academic year. *The FAFSA for the 2024-25 school year is delayed. It is expected to be available in late December, 2023.*
  • Returning students must reapply for financial aid each year.
  • Families are encouraged to use the IRS Data Retrieval Tool when completing the FAFSA application. This tool allows you to directly import your federal tax information into your FAFSA. *Beginning with the 2024-25 FAFSA, all FAFSA contributors will be required to use the new IRS Direct Data Exchange to share tax information or to confirm non-filing status.*
  • MSOE receives your submitted application electronically from the U.S. Department of Education. We will notify you upon receipt of your completed FAFSA. MSOE begins processing applications and sending offers out in early April for prospective MSOE students and May 1st for returning MSOE students. *Financial Aid offers for the 2024-25 year are expected to be mailed out beginning in early April 2024 for new students, and early May 2024 for returning students.*

Step 3: Complete Verification (if selected)

  • Verification is the federal process of confirming the information provided on the FAFSA is accurate. The Student Aid Report (SAR) you receive after your FAFSA is processed will indicate if your FAFSA has been selected for verification. Roughly one third of all FAFSAs filed are selected for this process. You can view general information about this process on our Cover Sheet found on our Forms and Resources Page.
  • If selected, you may be required to submit an MSOE Verification Worksheet plus the following documents to MSOE:
    • Your and your parents’ IRS Tax Transcript. You and your parents can request IRS tax transcripts by visiting the IRS Website. Or you can update your FAFSA application using the IRS Data Retrieval Tool. This tool will allow you and your parents to transfer tax information directly from the IRS on to the FAFSA. 
    • Independent students and parents of dependent students who did not file a federal tax return may need to request an IRS Non-Filing Letter.
    • Please follow the instructions on the Verification Worksheet to guide you through what needs to be submitted. A comprehensive list of missing information will be emailed to continuing students and available through their My Financial Aid Portal, whereas incoming students will receive a letter at their home address.
    • MSOE will notify you by mail or MSOE email if you are selected for verification. MSOE cannot disburse your federal and state aid until completion of the verification process.

Step 4: Respond to Your Aid Offer and Complete Next Steps:

Upon receipt of the FAFSA, MSOE will use it to determine your eligibility for institutional, state and federal funds. The MSOE Financial Aid Office will generate a financial aid offer listing all eligible financial aid. MSOE anticipates mailing out new student financial aid offers in mid-March and returning MSOE students will receive an offer notification via MSOE email after May 1st. You can accept your offer online. 

  • Accepting Financial Aid: Students must accept or decline all or a portion of their financial aid  offer by visiting
  • First Time Direct Loan Borrowers & Transfer Students Must Complete the Following:
    • Direct Loan Entrance Counseling: Go to This tutorial takes approximately 20 minutes to complete. Please use the same student FSA ID used to sign the FAFSA to sign into this website. Also utilize your MSOE financial aid letter when completing this counseling.
    • Direct Loan Master Promissory Note: Go to to complete this process. Use your FSA ID to sign into this website. This is the loan agreement.
    • Final High School Transcripts: For all federal loans and grants to disburse, students must turn in their Final High School Transcript to MSOE's Enrollment Office.

Step 5: Additional Options to Cover Your Bill

After receiving your financial aid offer, there are other options to further cover the gap between your Cost of Attendance and Financial Aid Offer.

  • Parent PLUS Loans: Parent PLUS Loans are Federal Loans taken out in the parent's name and applied to the student account. Please visit our Parent PLUS Loan Page for more information.
  • Alternative, Private Loans: Please visit our Alternative Loan Page for more information and to view our Historical Lender List, and Fast Choice Tool.
  • Outside and Miscellaneous Scholarships: There are a number of outside scholarship opportunities from local organizations and online search engines. MSOE has a comprehensive Money Matters Page that outlines opportunities and scholarship search engines. We even have donor funded scholarships that are specific to MSOE Students!
  • Monthly Payment Plan: Our Student Accounts Office offers an interest free payment plan to make payments more manageable. Visit their Payment Plan Page for more information.