For most programs, the summer term for financial aid purposes is a trailer to your academic year’s award cycle*. This means that students applying for summer 2024 financial aid must have a 2023–2024 FAFSA on file. Summer financial aid is based upon the remaining eligibility for various programs like Pell Grant and Federal Loans.

These rules apply to summer financial aid, please note that all students must maintain Satisfactory Academic Progress to receive Financial Aid.

  • Gift Aid: MSOE will apply your academic scholarships and grants only for undergraduate students who are enrolled full time in at least twelve credits. Please note that using MSOE Gift Aid during the summer time counts towards a student’s 12 semester limit
  • Wisconsin State Aid: Students are not eligible for Wisconsin State Aid during the summer
  • Veteran’s Benefits and ROTC Scholarship: Students must contact our VA Certifying Official to determine eligibility for these programs over the summer
  • Federal Direct Loans: Student loan eligibility is available only for undergraduate students enrolled in at least six credits contributing toward their degree program. Graduate students must be enrolled in at least three credits contributing toward their degree program. A student will have their remaining loan eligibility offered to them, if they have not used their Federal Direct Loans already for the academic year. Please review our Federal Direct Loan page for additional criteria
  • Parent Plus and Graduate Plus Loans: Students may be eligible for Parent PLUS and Graduate PLUS Loans, if they meet the criteria outlined for each loan program.
  • Alternative Higher Education Loans: Students of any credit load may explore private loan options. Certain options may not be available to students who are less six credits. Please use the advanced filters to search for the appropriate options at our Private Loan Page
  • Federal Pell Grant: Students who receive Federal Pell Grant during the academic year may be eligible to receive this fund over the summer, at a prorated rate. This is dependent on a student’s EFC and credits enrolled. Please note that using summer Pell does count toward a student’s 600% eligibility

*Accelerated Nursing Students: Please contact our office to determine which FAFSA you must file for summer Financial Aid, as there may be exceptions based on the cohort you enrolled in.

Summer Cost of Attendance: There is a maximum amount of financial aid that a student can take out for summer, based on the number of weeks and credits a student is enrolled for. This Cost of Attendance, or “Budget” will be made available on the Student’s My Financial Aid Profile available on their MyMSOE Portal.

Summer Charges: Students that are less than full time will be charged a per-credit-hour rate based on the current academic year tuition charges. Students that are full time will continue to be charged block pricing. Please visit our Tuition and Fees page for the breakdown of charges that may be incurred.

Summer Financial Aid Offer: Students should expect to see their summer financial aid made available the first week of classes. If a student is eligible for summer financial aid, they will receive an aid offer emailed to their MSOE Email, with their aid offer for summer. Students must actively accept this aid offer on their financial aid portal.

Students who are not eligible for their scholarship, grant, or loan aid will not receive a notification. If they wish to utilize the PLUS or Private Loan options, they may still do so. Please note that you must continue to meet the criteria for each loan program to apply and receive loan aid.