The MSOE undergraduate degree programs are designed to provide a rigorous academic experience that will thoroughly prepare you for success in your career and beyond.  On this page, you will find several resources and links available to help you learn more about MSOE as a destination university for international students.


MSOE does offer international students scholarships for those studying at the undergraduate level.  These scholarships are based on academic merit and take into account both high school gpa/leaving exam scores as well as ACT/SAT test scores.  Scholarships range up to approximately half of tuition for the highest performing students.

In addition to scholarships, there are some on campus jobs available, but these are not guaranteed in advance.  International students may work on campus, but they need to keep in mind the rigorous nature of the academic programs and the significant time and effort that will be required to keep up on their studies.

Conditional/Dual Admission

Students who have not met the English proficiency requirements may apply for conditional admission.  A student who is conditionally admitted is accepted into an MSOE degree program based on everything except language proficiency requirements and other requirements that may be based on language proficiency.  These other requirements must be met before a student is offered full or dual admission.  To meet the English proficiency requirement, students may complete one of MSOE's partner ESL Programs (WESLI, ELS, EC English, LADO, GLI).

Students who are very close to the minimum English proficiency requirement may enroll at MSOE in the dual admission program.  Dually admitted students take for-credit academic English courses, academic preparation courses and undergraduate courses concurrently until they are granted full admission, at which time they may begin pursing their degree full time.  Most students are in dual admission status for one quarter, but dual admission status may be extended longer depending on the student's performance and preparedness for continued academic success.  

The MSOE international admissions team is here to help walk you through this process and to answer any questions that you may have.   

Useful Links and Resources

Academic Support Services

MSOE offers resources for international students to help with both academic and cultural challenges that students may face. This includes continued opportunities for international students to refine their English skills, to get tutoring for specific subjects, and more.