An email will be sent to your MSOE provided email address when a new statement is available, MSOE does not provide paper statements. MSOE, in partnership with Transact (formerly known as CashNet), makes billing statements available online for viewing and payment through an electronic system. If you wish to have someone else (parent, guardian, or others) pay on your behalf, you must establish an authorized payer to allow access to view and pay your account. 

Bill Due Dates

Payment is due on the third Monday of each term. Students are responsible for making sure that the amount owed is paid by the due date.

Term 2024-25 Due Dates
Fall 2024 September 16, 2024
Spring 2025 February 3, 2025

Please note if payment is not received by the due date, a late payment fee will accrue at a rate of 1% finance charge per month on the outstanding balance until paid. This will also result in a financial hold on a student account for any outstanding balance.

Understanding Your Student Account

The student account can be viewed in your myMSOE or Transact account. Statements are broken down into several categories. Mandatory Tuition and Fees include charges related to tuition, infrastructure and technology fee, and housing and meal charges, if applicable.  Other Charges may include university bookstore charges, parking, or library fines, etc. 

Authorized Payer

Students may give access to a family member, friend, or employer as Authorized Payers to their Transact account. This will allow the authorized payer access to complete payment and optional access to statements and 1098T tax forms.  The authorized payer will receive an email when the student completes the enrollment process designating them as an authorized payer.

Financial Aid Authorization

MSOE must comply with federal regulations for disbursement of Title IV Federal Financial Aid. Without authorization, Title IV funds can only be applied to mandatory tuition and fees. Students who wish to have excess Title IV funds applied to Other Charges must complete the Credit Balance Authorization Form. Students who do not complete the form could receive a refund check and still owe a balance on their student account for other charges. If you have any questions on how to fill out the form, please see FAQ.