Our office is responsible for the billing and collection of tuition, fees, and other charges for students. In support of this function, the office issues refunds to students who have credit balances on their accounts, set up our in-house payment plan, and prepare & issue the annual federal tax form 1098-T to students. In addition to these services, the Student Accounts staff handles a variety of other student account-related matters, and is pleased to assist with any inquiries.

Important New Student Information

  • MSOE Tuition - See the costs and fees when attending MSOE .
  • Financial Aid Estimator - New or transferring students can get an estimate of how much financial aid they will be receiving for the school year.
  • MSOE Expense Planner - After finding out your tuition and financial aid. Use our planner to see how much you may need to pay out of pocket.
  • Enrollment Deposit - Confirm your placement at MSOE by submitting an enrollment deposit.

Important Student Information

  • myMSOE - On MSOE, students will have access to various department information, register for classes, access Student Account Forms, and access the online payment portal.
  • Student Account Forms - All forms from the student accounts office can be found and filled out online.
  • Where to View Your Statement - MSOE does not provide paper statements. Students can view their billing information and statements online.
  • Making a Payment - MSOE has different ways a student can pay from traditional mailing to online payments.
  • Tuition & Fee FAQs - Have any questions, check out our FAQ

Bill Due Dates

Payment is due on the third Monday of each term. Students are responsible for making sure that the amount owed is paid by the due date.

Term 2022-2023 Due Dates
Fall Sept. 19, 2022
Winter Dec. 12, 2022
Spring March 20, 2023
Summer To Be Announced

Financial Aid Disbursement

Students must be enrolled full-time (12+ credits) to receive any MSOE-sponsored aid (scholarships or grants). Students who register part-time (1-11 credits), will receive an email during the first week of the term notifying them that their MSOE scholarships/grants will be removed. In addition to the loss of MSOE gift aid, undergraduate students enrolled for less than six credits are not eligible for federal or state aid and will also be notified during the first week of the term. After the first week, no aid will be updated based on enrollment status. All processed financial aid will transfer to your student account during the second week of the term and on a rolling basis from that time forward.

Please note that Federal Work-Study is earned and paid through semi-monthly paychecks and not directly applied to your student account.