• Financial Responsibility Accepted Form - Each student must complete this form for the academic year he or she is attending the Milwaukee School of Engineering. If the form is not completed, a hold will be placed on your account.


  • Credit Balance Authorization Form - Federal regulations require MSOE to only apply financial aid funds including federal Title IV funds to certain allowable charges. To prevent any outstanding balance because of non-allowable charges, you can complete the Credit Balance Authorization, which will allow MSOE to apply the amount of financial aid funds that exceed allowable charges to cover non-mandatory charges (such as parking, bookstore charges, etc.) to your student account.
  • Student Financial Release Form - The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) of 1974 is a federal law designed to protect the privacy of a student’s education records. Educational records include student account and financial aid records which are considered confidential and will not be released without written consent from the student. In accordance with FERPA, it is necessary for Student Financial Services to obtain written consent from students in order to release any financial aid or student account information to family members, employers, or another third party.
  • Direct Deposit - Excess funds will be processed within 14 days after the disbursement is posted to your student account. To have faster access to your funds, enroll in direct deposit as it’s simple, safe, and convenient. If you do not enroll in direct deposit, a check will be mailed to your current address on file with the university.