The Raider Dollars Plan is a "debit card" type plan that is available to all MSOE students, faculty and staff. Money deposited into the Raider Plan can be used to make cash-free, contactless purchases at various on- and off-campus locations. Use your Raider Dollars Plan to buy food, vending, and Bookstore items without having to carry cash or change. The Raider Dollars Plan adds more flexibility to your Raider Card - it can be used to pay for laundry, color printing, and at various on-campus locations such as the Kern Center and various off-campus merchants who participate. 

Where to use your Raider Dollars Plan

Off Campus

On Campus

  • Dining Commons
  • Roscoe’s proudly serving Starbucks
  • Viets Tower Convenience Store
  • Library Convenience Store
  • Kern Center Concessions
  • Vending Machines
  • Laundry
  • Raider Shop
  • Kern Center Skate Rental

How the Raider Dollars Plan Works

All students, faculty and staff can use the Raider Dollars Plan. There is no minimum balance required and deposits can be added at any time.

To register for the first time

  • Click on ‘Sign up now!’.
  • Fill in the fields making sure to add ‘000’ before your Student ID number and using your email address.
  • You can only make deposits to your Raider Dollars Plan. Cash withdrawals are not permitted and balances remaining at the end of any quarter will carry over for use the next quarter.
  • Balances will continue to be held until graduation or official departure from the university.

At the time of each transaction or purchase, your plan balance will appear at the card reader. You can also view your transaction history through GET and can be printed if needed.

Each student with a 7-Day Meal Plan will have $20 put on their card each quarter.  These ‘Raider Dollars’ can be used at the various locations. Each quarter an additional $20 will be added to a student’s account, and the money will carry over to the next quarter. This will allow for flexible spending as needed. 

Adding Funds to your Raider Dollars Plan

Students can add funds to their Raider Dollars Plan at any time thru the GET portal. Parents and relatives can also add funds at any time and students can use the GET portal to request funds.

You may also add funds to your Raider Dollars Plan by making checks payable to MSOE, include your ID # on the check, write “Raider Plan” in the memo line, and send it to the following address:

Office of Student Accounts  
Milwaukee School of Engineering 
1025 North Broadway
Milwaukee, WI 53202-3109  

Reporting a Lost ID

If you lose your ID card, log onto GET or and mark your card lost. If you find your card, just log onto GETfunds or and mark that you have found your card. If you need a replacement, email the Help Desk and a replacement ID will be made. A replacement fee of $10 will be charged to the student's account at the Office of Student Accounts.