Living-Learning Communities (LLC)

MSOE features three Living-Learning Communities (LLC) in the residence halls. LLCs allow students to extend their learning beyond the classroom and enable the university to continue fostering the growth of the MSOE Mindset. LLCs create comprehensive learning environments that heighten student engagement with faculty, peers, and their learning.

  • The Nursing Living-Learning Community is a two-year, co-ed program to support first- and second-year nursing students. The Nursing LLC launched in Fall 2023 and is housed in the Grohmann Tower. Join the Nursing Living-Learning Community!
  • The Carter Academy is a living-learning community that helps students transition successfully into MSOE by gaining confidence in their academic and personal abilities, building a supportive community, and gaining the resources for success. Ask your Admission Counselor if you are interested in the program. Eligible students will receive an invitation.
  • The MSOE Honors Program is a living-learning community to help students enhance their MSOE education with honors-level courses. In the Honors Program, students explore innovative ideas, build relationships with classmates and key Milwaukee community members, and complete projects that pair engineering skills with a healthy dose of creativity. Ask your Admission Counselor if you are interested in the program. Eligible students will receive an invitation.

Interest Communities (IC)

Check out MSOE's Interest Communities (IC) in the residence halls. Incorporate your extra-curricular interests into your residential experience by living with like-minded students.

  • Gaming. This community is intended to engage residents interested in board games, card games, Role-Playing Games (RPGs), computer/video games, and those who are into competitive video gaming. This floor connects students with MAGE, MSOE's sci-fi, gaming, and anime' club, and MSOE's E-Sports teams and coaches.
  • Entrepreneurial Mindset and Innovation. This community is intended to engage residents who are interested in social innovation and developing an entrepreneurial mindset. This floor connects students with the CREATE Institute and the Rader School of Business Innovent Center to help develop students' MSOE mindset, ideas, innovations, and business ventures.
  • Women in SITE (Science, Innovation, Technology, and Engineering). This community is for female students who want to develop their interest in science, innovation, technology, and engineering. This floor connects members with student organizations and campus partners, including the MSOE Society of Women Engineers (SWE) and MSOE Women in Technology.

There are no requirements to live in an IC other than wanting to live with others who share your interests. ICs are available on a first-come, first-served basis. Registration is open to all residents. About half of each group will be first-year students, while the rest will be returning students. Be sure to indicate which IC you're interested in on your Housing Application.