General Information

Most of our freshmen and sophomores live on campus.  Milwaukee School of Engineering policy requires all unmarried freshmen and sophomores under 21 years of age to live in the residence halls unless their primary residence is 30 miles or less away and the student commutes from the residence of a legal parent or guardian.

MSOE has three residence halls: Viets Tower, Loock Hall and Regents Hall. Each hall has both single and double rooms on each floor. Residents may choose which hall they would prefer to live in. However, Regents Hall is reserved for female students. Single rooms are typically assigned to those that have specific needs.

Hermann Viets Tower

1121 N. Milwaukee St.
Hermann Viets Tower is MSOE's new co-ed residence hall and living-learning community. Viets Tower (formerly Roy W. Johnson Residence Hall) is comprised of 12 floors of double and single rooms and a series of two-story collaboration hubs constructed in a southern-facing, glass enclosed addition overlooking the Milwaukee skyline. Modernized rooms and living spaces are designed to serve the diverse needs of all students. The updated bedrooms include new air conditioning units and flexible furniture enables students to customize their spaces. New restrooms and a central study area round out each floor. The living-learning community encourages academic success and gives students with similar academic, social and personal interests the opportunity to live together, collaborate and share experiences.

Margaret Loock Residence Hall (MLH)

324 E. Juneau Ave.
MLH is comprised of 11 floors of double and single rooms. The hall is co-ed and the floors are separated by gender. Each floor provides a Resident Assistant and two community bathrooms for 35-40 residents.  MLH features a TV lounge, 12th floor lounge, laundry room, mailboxes, and is the home of the Resident Hall Association meeting room. The Public Safety Department and MSOE Central Housing Office are also located on the ground floor of MLH. Constructed in 1967, MLH is named after the wife of a former president of Allen-Bradley Co. (now known as Rockwell Automation), Fred Loock, who was chairman of the MSOE Board of Regents.

Regents Residence Hall (RGN)

1121 N. Milwaukee St.
Regents Hall is comprised of four floors of suite-style housing for female residents. Each suite has single and/or double rooms, bathroom, and common area for 3-5 residents. RGN connects with Viets Tower and features a TV/vending machine lounge, laundry room, and study lounge. The hall was built in 1990 by Kahler Slater Architects as an addition to what was then RWJ (today's Viets Tower) and connects to the Residence Life Office.

Themed Living Communities

Love robotics? What about outdoor adventures? Is music your thing? Are you a gamer?

Check out MSOE’s Themed Living Communities (TLC) in the residence halls. Incorporate your extra-curricular interests into your residential experience by living with like-minded students. Resident Assistants (RAs) will help lead and plan activities.


Do you like designing and building robots, or coding them to do amazing things? Bring your best ideas to this TLC and see what you and your floormates can bring to life.

Outdoor Adventures

MSOE may be in downtown, but adventures abound. With bike trails, hiking paths along the lake, and tons of nearby parks, the sky is the limit for the activities you might do.


Host a jam session, visit the theater, rock out at a concert, or sing your heart out. No matter what you and your floormates choose to do, this TLC will be music to your ears.

Gaming (MAGE)

Find others who like gaming to include role-playing games like Dungeons & Dragons, card games like Magic: The Gathering, or board games and video games.  This TLC covers all gaming but leans towards the cooperative.  This floor connects students with MAGE, MSOE's sci-fi, gaming, and anime' club.  This TLC has a close connection with E-Sports.


Find others who like competitive video gaming such as League of legends, Super Smash Brothers, and more.  This TLC covers mostly video gaming and leans towards the competitive.  This TLC has a close connection with Gaming (MAGE).

Nursing/Women in Technology

This TLC lets women students connect with one another whether their interests are in the medical or technology fields.  Similar interests help build friendships and connections beyond just one's major.

There are no requirements to live in a TLC, other than wanting to live with others who share your interests. TLCs are available on a first come, first served basis, and registration is open to all residents. There’s only one restriction: about half of each group on a floor will be reserved for freshmen, while the rest will be filled with returning students. Be sure to indicate which TLC you’re interested in on your Housing Application.

Contact the Residence Life Office for more information.