Dr. Richard Mett

Department: Physics and Chemistry
(414) 277-7313 Allen Bradley Hall of Science: S241 Faculty Resume
Assoc VP Academic Success/Institutional Effective.

Dr. Jill Meyer

Department: Academics
(414) 277-7365 Campus Center: CC434
Admissions Counselor

Sean Meyer

Department: Admissions
(414) 277-7140 Campus Center: CC109
Director, Fluid Power Institute

Paul Michael

Department: Fluid Power Institute
(414) 277-2238 Allen Bradley Hall of Science: S141 Faculty Resume
Adjunct Professor

Dr. Kathleen Miezio

Department: Rader School of Business
Assistant Professor

Dr. Cindy Miller

Department: Humanities, Social Science, and Communication
(414) 277-2607 Diercks Hall: DH437
Director of Athletic Operations and Club Sports

Brian Miller

Department: Athletics
(414) 277-6947 Kern Center: K346
Senior Financial Aid Counselor

Neolitsa Mirakis

Department: Financial Aid
(414) 277-7253 Campus Center: CC301
Dean of Residence Life

Dr. Joshua Mitchell

Department: Residence Life
(414) 277-2348 Margaret Loock Residence Hall: G101
VP of Student Affairs and Campus Inclusion

Seandra Mitchell

Department: Student Affairs and Campus Equality
(414) 277-6762 Campus Center: CC347

Jonathan Mitchell

Department: Rader School of Business
Clinical Assistant Professor

Jessica Moe

Department: Rader School of Business
Adjunct Associate Professor

Dr. Ahmed Mohamed Sayed Ahmed

Department: Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
(414) 277-2773 Allen Bradley Hall of Science: S338 Faculty Resume

Kevante Monette, MS, LPC-IT

Department: Counseling Services
(414) 277-2445 Kern Center: K245
Assistant Professor

Dr. Arvin Montes

Department: Mechanical Engineering
(414) 277-7451 Allen Bradley Hall of Science: S128 Faculty Resume
Asso Dir Graduate Programs & Professional Ed Manag

Andreana Moody

Department: Rader School of Business
(414) 277-2334 Rosenberg Hall: R01-G
Director of Health Services

Jessica Morgan, APNP

Department: Health Services
(414) 277-4555 Kern Center: K241

Tim Moser

Department: Civil & Architectural Engineering & Construction Management
(414) 277-7301 Campus Center: CC27
Associate Professor

Dr. Katrina Moskalik

Department: Rader School of Business
Custodian I

Yeeleng Moua

Department: Custodial