Institutional Assessment Analyst

Dr. Owe Petersen

Department: Academics
(414) 277-7190 Cudahy Campus Center: CC420
Patrol Officer

Jared Peterson

Department: Public Safety
Manager Multimedia & Video

Kent Peterson

Department: Marketing Communications
(414) 277-7176 Alumni Partnership Center: APCLL
Testing Services Specialist

Jane Peterson

Department: Wellness Center
(414) 277-7264 Kern Center: K253
Adjunct Associate Professor

Brian Petted

Department: Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
(414) 277-7155 Allen Bradley Hall of Science: S205A Faculty Resume
Adjunct Assistant Professor

Kim Pettiford

Department: Rader School of Business
Adjunct Associate Professor

David Pettiford

Department: Rader School of Business
(414) 277-7279 Rosenberg Hall: R106

Brian Pfeifer

Department: Civil & Architectural Engineering & Construction Management
Help Desk Coordinator

Peter Pfister

Department: Information Technology
(414) 277-7202 Cudahy Campus Center: CC308
Admissions Counselor

Emma Philipps

Department: Enrollment Management
(414) 277-7330 Cudahy Campus Center: 3 FLR
Lab Technician

Rich Phillips

Department: Mechanical Engineering
(414) 277-7388 Allen Bradley Hall of Science: SG31
Exhibitions and Collections Manager

Russ Piant

Department: Grohmann Museum
(414) 277-2681 Grohmann Museum: GM017
Clinical Assistant Professor

Christian Pleister

Department: Rader School of Business
Operations Coordinator

Scott Plier

Department: Rapid Prototyping Center
(414) 277-7399 Krueger Hall: KH 2

Daniel Plinska

Department: Finance Office
(414) 277-2349 Cudahy Campus Center: CC423

Rebecca Ploeckelman

Department: Human Resources
(414) 277-7111 Cudahy Campus Center: CC337
Coordinator of Club Sports & Game Management

Michael Porcaro

Department: Student Life
(414) 277-2415 Cudahy Campus Center: CC386
Assistant Professor

Rhonda Powell

Department: School of Nursing
(414) 277-2305 Cudahy Campus Center: CC161 Faculty Resume

Dr. Vincent Prantil

Department: Mechanical Engineering
(414) 277-7451 Allen Bradley Hall of Science: S201B Faculty Resume
Assistant Director of Transfer Admissions

Judy Prest

Department: Enrollment Management
(414) 277-2224 Cudahy Campus Center: CC338