Laboratories and Research

With industry-standard laboratories and state-of-the-art research facilities, all students experience an applications-oriented education at MSOE.

Applied Technology

The Applied Technology Center (ATC) features several centers of excellence through which it undertakes more than 250 company-sponsored research projects every year.

Fluid Power Institute

The Fluid Power Institute (FPI), part of the ATC, operates a wide variety of hydraulic components under high pressure and flow conditions, allowing for custom, in-depth testing and analysis solutions.

Rapid Prototyping

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The Rapid Prototyping Center (RPC), part of the ATC, offers additive manufacturing with more than 15 different material choices and is the only university lab devoted to all 5 commercially-available rapid prototyping systems.

BioMolecular Modeling

The Center for BioMolecular Engineering (CBM) creates unique physical models of molecular structures using rapid prototyping technologies.

Undergraduate Research

The Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU) program provides students the opportunity to develop their skills by researching projects that advance state-of-the-art applications in various fields. The Academic Undergraduate Research (AUR) program allows students to work alongside faculty members to meaningfully participate in research and earn credit towards their degree.

State-of-the-Art Labs

Undergraduate students spend hundreds of hours in industry-standard labs such as the BioMolecular Engineering laboratory suite, the Construction Science and Engineering Center, the Gene Carter Apple Technologies Learning Suite, the Johnson Controls Environmental Systems and Software Development Laboratories, and the Ruehlow Nursing Complex.