Here are some of the places where you’ll find our students and faculty hard at work:

BioMolecular Engineering Laboratories

MSOE’s state-of-the-art BioMolecular Engineering Laboratory Suite includes a wet biotechnology lab, senior design lab, dry instrumentation lab and BSL-II cell culture facility. The multimillion-dollar laboratories were built with a generous gift from Drs. Robert and Patricia Kern. The laboratories feature:

  • Top-of-the-line equipment, including -20ºC and -80ºC freezers to store DNA, RNA and other biomolecules
  • Storage cabinets with negative pressure that safely contain vapors
  • Macro- and micro-centrifuges
  • An autoclave that can steam- or dry-sterilize both liquids and glassware
  • Data-input jacks and wireless hubs throughout all four laboratories
  • A student lounge area for group meetings, projects and studying

Construction Science and Engineering Center

This center promotes innovation in the building design and construction industries by conducting applied research in structural materials and systems as well as construction methods. It also ensures that MSOE graduates understand the physical realities of structural behavior and construction. With 2,100 square feet of floor space and a clear height of 36 feet, the center is dedicated to testing products for structural integrity and failure points, helping to determine marketability and safety. Specialized and adaptable structural testing systems can produce loads from 50 to 500,000 pounds on specimens up to 24 feet tall. The lab has multiple computerized data acquisition capabilities and an extensive array of transducers for measuring force, displacement and strain.

Johnson Controls Environmental Systems Laboratory

An “engineer’s playground,” this lab contains a variety of equipment, including heating and cooling systems, boilers, robotics, CNC machines, a wind tunnel and other systems that students use to get real-world experience. Mechanical, industrial and architectural engineering majors use this valuable space from freshman to senior year. The lab is sponsored by Johnson Controls, which employs many MSOE graduates.

Johnson Controls Software Development Laboratory

Equipped with state-of-the-art software, this lab allows computer and software engineering students to design products for companies like Johnson Controls. Students work in teams to take over projects that have already been designed, improve them, and make them more advanced. Each senior design team is assigned a cubicle to design, develop and analyze their projects. This lab is largely supported by a generous grant from Johnson Controls.