The engineering faculty and staff at the Fluid Power Institute are experts in fluid power, and can help you develop highly reliable, maintainable fluid power systems and components. We can assist in developing your fluid power application from a simple design to an efficient and reliable hydraulic or pneumatic system.

The key to developing a good fluid power system is to make it an integral part of the engineering process in order to eliminate failures and failure modes. Therefore, when developing fluid power systems, it is imperative to make the right decisions at the right time. If these conventions are not used, your results will be flawed or misleading. What we do is ensure that the methodology and analytical models you use are correct for the application, as well as suggest improvements where appropriate.

Our Services

  • Inspection, evaluation and analysis of component and system design
  • Ensure the use of appropriate technology for the application
  • Develop modeling and performance simulation with validation
  • Field Troubleshooting
  • Failure analysis
  • Failure mode effects analysis
  • Failure mode effects and criticality analysis
  • Fault tree analysis
  • Root cause analysis
  • Provide complete documentation and explanation of the system, along with recommended improvements

Modeling/Simulation Software Program

  • MATLAB/SIMULINK – a general-purpose simulation program; models for pumps, valves, lines, cylinder, etc. have been developed at MSOE for this program.
  • AUTOMATION STUDIOS – a mid-level hydraulic, pneumatic, and electrical simulation program.
  • AMESIM – a high level, hydraulic, pneumatic, control, mechanical (including vehicles), and thermal simulation program written specifically for fluid power/motion control applications.
  • SOLIDWORKS – 3D CAD modeling program.


Paul Michael
Director of Fluid Power Institute™
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Russ Steinmetz
Fluid Power Consulting Engineer
Office: S-138A
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