Who is this transfer agreement between?

Milwaukee School of Engineering (MSOE) & Wisconsin Technical College System (WTCS)

When was this agreement signed?

May 1st, 2020

Who are the individuals directly responsible for the partnership program / transfer agreement?


  • Dr. Ruth Barratt, Rader School of Business, Department Chair;
  • Dr. Michael Payne, BBA Program Director, AAS to BBA Transfer Track Coordinator


  • Ms. Chrystal Seeley-Schreck, Associate Vice President Office of Instructional Services
  • James Mackey, Education Director, Manufacturing Programs
  • Valerie Crespin-Trujillo, Education Director, General Education and Transfer programs

Who is the target audience?

Any student who has successfully completed an AAS from a WTCS program after 2015 and meets admission requirements for the Rader School of Business (RSOB) at MSOE. Radar School of Business requires the completion of AAS technical degree and min of 2.75 GPA. WTCS Students with a technical AAS degree from a WTCS school can transfer to MSOE with junior standing and complete a BBA in Technical Sales in about 2 years.

What degree do the students earn through MSOE by completing this program?

Bachelor of Business Administration in Technical Sales

What types of 2-year degree and technical programs qualify for the agreement between WTCS and MSOE?

Students need to have an AAS degree from a technical program. The need for Technical Sales specialists spans industries from Manufacturing to Agriculture, Fluid Power to Food Science to name a few.  With a strong technical foundation from a WTCS AAS program, the partnership with MSOE will advance business knowledge and selling skills to produce a valuable employee in Technical Sales.

What is the difference between an articulation agreement, 2+2, or transfer agreement?

This program is a transfer agreement because it covers all Technical AAS programs across the entire WTCS. An articulation agreement typically covers one specific academic program or school.  2+2 language isn’t used is because WTCS Technical programs differ in the number of credits taken and the number of credits that can be applied to the MSOE General Education requirements.  Because of the variability across programs, and the agreement for all Technical AAS programs, we refer to the relationship as a transfer agreement for any WTCS AAS program. Students enroll at MSOE with a junior standing.

What are the student benefits to earning this degree?

This degree delivers a learning experience that drives value for students, the university and hiring companies. It provides real-world experiences in one of the most important functions in any business sales i.e., driving revenue. Additionally, it offers a rewarding career that leverages both technical knowledge AND communication skills built around a foundational knowledge of business. With this degree, a graduate can increase their initial earnings by 50 to 70% over their 2-year degree starting salary. (source: www.salaryexplorer.com)

When can students start participating?

Classes begin every fall term and is currently offered as an in-person day program. Students & administrators should use the contact information below to start the process.

Who are the main program contacts at MSOE?

  • Dr. Michael Payne, BBA Program Director, AAS to BBA Transfer Curriculum Coordinator, 414-277-7589
  • Eric B. Lien, BSEE, MBA, MSOE Instructor & Tech Sales Advisor
  • Samantha Kammers, Director of Non-Traditional Admissions, 414-277-7431

What events are MSOE hosting to support this agreement?

Lunch & Learn Webinars, on campus tours, guest speaker at WTC classes: event calendar

Are there scholarships available for this program?

Yes. Please reach out to MSOE Admissions: Samantha Kammers (414-277-7431)