Meal Plan Procedure & Participation Requirements

Meal plans are added to student’s accounts typically within a week before each quarter. There are a few exceptions (Meal Plans in Fall Quarter are usually added two weeks before school). Students have the option of changing meal plans for Winter and Spring Quarters. Balances from the Meals and Meal Dollars carry forward, but are lost at the end of Spring Quarter.

Meal Balances & Meal Dollar Balances

Meals balances remaining from previous quarters will carry forward to Winter or Spring Quarter. Meal dollar balances will also carry forward to Winter or Spring Quarter.

End of Spring Quarter

Meal plan balances and meal dollars will be lost as of the last day of Spring Quarter.

Meal Refund Schedule

In the event of an academic termination or decision by the student to terminate his or her student status, meals from the current quarter will be refunded at $3.00 per meal and will be authorized according to the below refund schedule. Meals carried over from the previous quarter must be used or lost. The meal plan contract period runs from the beginning of Fall Quarter through the end of Spring Quarter.

Meal Refund Schedule:
Week 1 = Total – Usage, balance refunded at 100%
Week 2 = Total – Usage, balance at 80%
Week 3 = Total – Usage, balance at 40%
Week 4 = Total – Usage, balance at 20%
Week 5 and after = 0%

At the end of the contract period – all meals and points must be used or they will be lost.  There will be no refund.

Summer Resident

If you are a summer resident, meal plan balances and meal dollars remaining will remain for use during the summer through August 15.

Extra Meals

Extra Meals purchased at the meal equivalency value of $3.00 per meal will carry from quarter to quarter. In August, before new Meal Plans are imported to accounts, any remaining ‘Extra Meals’ will be converted to Raider Plan money at the meal equivalent per meal.

Meal Equivalents (Use of Meals at Roscoe’s or Skylight Marketplace)

Any remaining money from the use of meals at Roscoe’s or Skylight Marketplace will be refunded to the respective Meal Dollar plan. (Example: With a meal equivalency of $3.00, if you spend $2.75 and use a Meal for payment, the $.25 will be refunded to your Meal Dollar plan.)

All refunds are based upon the official date of withdrawal from MSOE. This is the date that all keys and required forms have been turned in to the MSOE Housing Office at Johnson Hall. Under no circumstances will refunds of end of year balances be authorized.