Do I have to take a meal plan if I live in the residence halls?

Yes, all resident students must participate in the 7-day Resident Meal Plan.

Do I have to take a meal plan if I live in the Tower as an honor’s program student?

Yes, honors students are required to participate in the 7-day Resident Meal Plan regardless of whether they live in one of the Residents Hall or the Tower Apartments.

How do I sign up for a Resident Meal Plan?

Students living in the residence halls and honors students will automatically be enrolled in the 7-day Resident Meal Plan when they complete the Resident Housing Form in myMSOE

How do I select my meal plan or block plan if I am not a resident?

Non-resident students can select and purchase meal plans in myMSOE. Information for staff to purchase plans will be available soon.

How do I add a meal plan after the quarter has started? 

Block Plans can be purchased at any time throughout the academic year. 

How do I know how many meals I have left on my block plan?

Meal plan balances can be viewed in the WebCard Center or GET

Can I share my meal plan with someone else?

No, meal plans are for the individual student’s use only. 

What happens if I do not eat every day during the term for my meal plan or do not use all of my meals for a block plan?

Meal plans and block plans are active for the fiscal year from the time of purchase through the last day of the spring quarter. No refunds will be given for unused days or unused blocks.  

Where can I use my meal plan?

In the Dining Commons during hours of operation.

What if I have a special dietary need or food allergy?

The Dining Commons will feature an allergen-free area to provide high quality options and service for individuals who require special diets because of allergies. The Food Service Manager and Executive Chef will be available for students to directly discuss their individual allergen or medical issues. They will review signage, procedures, and nutrition while teaching how to navigate the locations to enjoy a worry free dining experience.

What if I withdraw from MSOE and would like a refund on my meal plan?

Refunds will be based on the date of official withdrawal. Please visit the Tuition and Fees Refund Policy for more information. There will be no refunds given on block plans. 

Can Raider Dollars be used in the Dining Commons? 

Raider dollars can be used for a la carte items, door rates, and day passes. You can add money in the Office of Student Accounts or on the web at GETfunds.