Alpha Omega Epsilon Sorority (A.O.E.)

A.O.E. is a professional international engineering sorority founded in 1983 that provides friendship, leadership and professional development for all members of the organization, the community and members of the profession. As a sorority we work towards diversity, equity, and inclusion in all areas of STEM. A.O.E. is MSOE's oldest living sorority, only international sorority, and only STEM sorority. Potential members who identify as female or non-binary (of all majors) are welcome!

Kappa Sigma Mu Sorority (KSM)

Kappa Sigma Mu is a local multicultural service sorority that centers around the motto of "open hearts, open minds". We strive to promote multiculturalism and acceptance both at MSOE and in the Milwaukee community through a variety of events and service opportunities!

Lambda Zeta Nu Sorority (LZN)

A Milwaukee School of Engineering (MSOE) sorority started in 2007. As a social sorority, they value lifelong friendships, health, equality, and education while also raising awareness for breast cancer. LZN wants to create an open, welcoming environment for the girls of MSOE and strives to push each and every sister to excellence.

Sigma Phi Delta Fraternity (SPD)

SPD was founded on April 11, 1924. Open to students with an Engineering background, it attends to both the social and professional needs of engineers. It is an organization that fosters Brotherhood, camaraderie, leadership and teamwork. Men join as individuals and form lifelong bonds with other like-minded students. Joining Sigma Phi Delta helps a man develop the skills, confidence, morality, and sense of teamwork necessary to become an excellent engineer.

Tau Sigma Nu Fraternity (TSN)

TSN was founded in 2011 on the basis of health, wellness, academic excellence, and service leadership. Brothers in the fraternity all strive to better themselves and those around them. Through attending academic study events, philanthropic events, and athletic events, brothers achieve the status of a well-rounded individual. Brothers lead and participate in service and leadership opportunities to give back to the community of the surrounding area. As a whole fraternity brothers gain life experience that leads to great success and well-rounded areas of interest and leadership.

Triangle Fraternity (TRI)

Triangle is a national fraternity of Architects, Engineers, and Scientists. It was founded in 1907, and the chapter at MSOE was founded in 1965. Triangle is a great balance as it allows for a social experience while still focusing on success both academically and socially. Triangle's goal is to prepare young men for life after school by building moral character, building lifelong friendships, and teaching them to live with integrity.