Alpha Omega Epsilon Sorority (A.O.E.)

Alpha Omega Epsilon is a social and professional sorority founded in 1983 composed of female students, gender non-conforming students, and alumni in the field of engineering and technical sciences. Our core values are friendship, leadership, and professionalism. Moreover, we have a legacy of supporting justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion (JEDI) for underrepresented groups in STEM for over 40 years. Alpha Omega Epsilon Delta Chapter is MSOE's oldest living sorority and only international sorority. Sisters have access to A.O.E. specific scholarships, the chance to travel the world to meet other sisters from all over, and gain expansive networking opportunities to get you in the door wherever. Consider joining and forming your own incredible legacy with us today!

Kappa Sigma Mu Sorority (KSM)

Kappa Sigma Mu is a local multicultural service sorority that centers around the motto of "open hearts, open minds". KSM strives to promote multiculturalism and acceptance both at MSOE and in the Milwaukee community through a variety of events and service opportunities!

Lambda Zeta Nu Sorority (LZN)

Lambda Zeta Nu is a local, social sorority founded in 2007 on the values of life long friendships, healthy lifestyles, philanthropy, and education. Sisters of LZN are dedicated to our philanthropic cause, breast cancer awareness, and the pursuit of academic excellence, while creating a supportive environment in which to showcase outgoing and unique personalities.

Sigma Phi Delta Fraternity (SPD)

Sigma Phi Delta is a professional fraternity exclusively for engineering students. They foster a supportive environment for learning the rigorous demands of engineering in addition to a strong bond of brotherhood that lasts beyond graduation. With thousands of engineering alumni worldwide, SPD's network provides valuable connections for future career opportunities. Additionally, they focus on developing leadership and professional skills to prepare our members for success in their engineering careers.

Triangle Fraternity (TRI)

Triangle is a national fraternity of Architects, Engineers, and Scientists. It was founded in 1907, and the chapter at MSOE was founded in 1965. Triangle is a great balance as it allows for a social experience while still focusing on success both academically and socially. Triangle's goal is to prepare young men for life after school by building moral character, building lifelong friendships, and teaching them to live with integrity.