Art & Design Club (A&DC)

Art & Design Club fosters a space for students to come together and get creative in a fun, informal space. From artistic activities of drawing and painting to photography, candle making, and sewing, we offer a wide variety of opportunities to create. All are welcome regardless of skill level!

Amateur Radio Club (W9HHX)

Founded in 1924, the Amateur Radio Club (W9HHX) is an organization of amateur radio operators and those interested in wireless communication. The club station has equipment available for members to use to communicate with digital, voice, and morse code modes. They maintain a 2-meter repeater on the roof of MLH. They would love to help you earn your amateur radio license or just hang out and learn about radio and the ham radio hobby.

Chess Club

Chess Club is a club that allows players and fans of the game of Chess to come together and enjoy the game.

Crochet and Knitting Club

Crochet and Knitting Club is an organization dedicated to facilitate learning and community of crochet and knit crafts.

Electronic Dance Music Club (EDM Club)

Electronic Dance Music Club is a place where EDM lovers at MSOE can go to hang out, listen to music, and travel to shows.

German Club

German Club is an organization that supports students interested in German Culture/Language, and exchange students. With strong ties to the Multicultural Affairs office, German Club helps host various activities on campus including the annual Christmas Market.

Green Growers Guild

Our goal is to empower, educate, and inspire individuals to use and produce organic goods that better their health, to gain exposure to new educational environments, and to develop social skills while practicing creative learning. We will provide a lasting framework for educating students and the surrounding community about sustainable agriculture and provide an example of what a university organization is capable of accomplishing at a local and national level.

Grub Club

Grub Club creates a fun and open social atmosphere centered around food and teaches students useful cooking skills and simple recipes that can be made in a dorm.


MAGE is MSOE's club for all things pop culture. If you've got a love for video games, board games, D&D, anime/manga, sci-fi, chess, or anything in between, then this is the place for you!

MSOE Foam Launching Enthusiasts (MFLE)

MFLE is a dart blaster orientated club that is dedicated to modifying, building, or creating Nerf blasters, and competing in foam-flinging wars throughout the school year!

MSOE Music Production Club

The music production club converges music aspirations to produce original songs and tracks. The club intends to create a student-centered music culture at MSOE.

MSOE Mug Club

Mug Club is a group that is able to provide students with an engaging space to meet others with similar interests, and to provide a fun and stress-free environment, in which to relax and enjoy Mug Root Beer.

MSOE Right to Life

MSOE Right to Life is a pro-life club that is affiliated with Wisconsin Right to Life.

MSOE Theatre Troupe

Theatre Troupe plans, creates, and participates in all theatre productions at MSOE. They put on plays, musicals, and other fun events for MSOE and the surrounding community to enjoy.

Mythos, Eros, and Echos (MEE)

MEE is MSOE's creative writing club. The club strives to create a place for writers of all genres to come together and grow in their craft. Workshop, participate in writing activities, get help on papers, and so much more!

The MSOE Historical Society

The MSOE Historical Society is a student-run organization is a hub for students, faculty, alumni, and friends of the university who share a passion for celebrating the rich history and unique culture of MSOE! Through engaging events, exhibits, and publications, they bring to life the stories and achievements of the pioneers who built MSOE into the renowned institution it is today.

Warhammer Club

Warhammer Club aims to enrich the lives of MSOE students interested in Warhammer through community connection and artistic expression; by means of constructing and painting miniatures and terrain, immersing in the lore and book series connected to the game, and playing Games Workshop games.