Art & Design Club (A&DC)

Art & Design Club fosters a community within MSOE that intertwines the application of art and design with the engaging minds of engineering and science. From artistic activities of drawing & painting to photography, ceramics, and woodworking, we offers a wide variety of opportunities to get creative.

Amateur Radio Club (W9HHX)

Founded in 1924, the Amateur Radio Club (W9HHX) is an organization of amateur radio operators and those interested in wireless communication. The club station has equipment available for members to use to communicate with digital, voice, and morse code modes. We maintain a 2-meter repeater on the roof of MLH. We would love to help you earn your amateur radio license or just hang out and learn about radio and the ham radio hobby.

Chess Club

Chess Club is a club that allows players and fans of the game of Chess to come together and enjoy the game.

German Club

German club aims to engage the student community with German culture through activities, food, games, media, and more. We host weekly meetings and events throughout the year all centered around enriching the German language and culture. No speaking experience is required.

Investment & Entrepreneurship Club (MIEC)

MSOE MIEC is an on-campus organization with a main focus of teaching students how to invest money and provide insight on business start-ups. MIEC engages its members in a Virtual Stock Exchange competition as well as in discussions related to the financial markets. While trying to maximize the experience of each member, MIEC schedules tours of financial institutions and brings in several different guest speakers with an extensive background in business, finance, and economics. There will also be roundtable discussions to talk about entrepreneurial ideas.


MAGE is MSOE's Sci-Fi, Anime, Gaming, and Chess club. MAGE hosts gaming events and tournaments as well as Concinnity- the largest Sci-Fi and Gaming Convention in Milwaukee. Hang with the members and enjoy the club's daily events.

MSOE Flight Club (FC)

The MSOE Flight Club is a place for students to learn about flying and obtain help in earning their Private Pilot's License.

MSOE Music Production Club

The MSOE Music Production Club brings students together to create and release music.

MSOE Mug Club

MSOE Mug Club was established in order to give students a safe and inviting space to network with peers, make friends, and enjoy, in our opinion, the best root beer of all, Mug. By taking place on Friday evenings, we intend to provide a safe alternative to substance use, partying, or any other activity that may occur at midnight on a Friday and to provide a space for students that may not want to partake in ‘typical’ weekend night activities while still wanting to participate in a nightlife of sorts.

MSOE Right to Life

MSOE Right to Life is a MSOE's Pro-life club that is affiliated with Wisconsin Right to Life. This organization strives to inform and educate students about the sanctity of human life from the moment of conception to the point of natural death.

MSOE Theatre Troupe

Theatre Troupe organizes and performs theatrical plays, dances, and other events for the campus and the community. Theatre Troupe also assists other organizations in technical and theatrical areas. Participate in the on-stage or back of stage tech crew!

Student Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC)

The Student-Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC) represents the Division III student-athlete voice in the Division III governance structure by reviewing legislation; identifying significant student-athlete issues; implementing national student-athlete based initiatives; encouraging community outreach; and enhancing Division III student-athlete involvement in and understanding of Division III in general. The SAAC is also the committee that is primarily responsible for maintaining and coordinating the division’s nationwide partnership with Special Olympics. The committee meets in-person four times each year in January, April, July and November. It also conducts teleconferences as needed.

Student Union Board (SUB)

SUB is the largest student-run campus programming organization at MSOE. SUB works with the office of Campus Life to plan fun, developmental, and social events for the students at MSOE. Ideas for events come from members of SUB, who also plan and carry out all events. SUB is known for their fun and creative events ideas such as SUB Zero Day’s Annual Fish Bowl Toss, Bucks game outings, Bob Ross N’ Chill night, Open Mics, Milwaukee community events, Bubble Ball, and so much more!

Unicycle Club

MSOE Unicycle Club is for anyone interested in unicycling or learning how to unicycle. Our mission is to increase public knowledge of unicycling and how awesome it is. We will teach people to ride a unicycle and have a place where fellow unicycle riders can get together to ride.

University Innovation Fellows (UIF)

MSOE’s UIF is a program that empowers students to become agents of change at their schools. The global program empowers bold changes through empathy, diversity, and resilience. We exist to give students endless opportunity to find and pursue their passions, to help engage them in their education, to be successful, and to find meaning in their lives. MSOE UIF strives to create a strong foundation of innovation and entrepreneurship on campus between disciplines as well as within the community.